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Ready for Review! Saoirse
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Saoirse Uí Nemain-Eile Offline
Child of Danu

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Tribe: Elk/Raven
Clann: Ua Lugh/Ua Badb
Occupation: Vagabond

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(Click her name to read her profile on her own pretty site!)
[Image: Saoirse_zpsa397ed6c.jpg]

To be decided through RP.
Runaway Slave.
She is of mixed blood but her pale skin and blonde hair can lead others to believe she is of Ua Lugh. (If her eyes are not glamoured they are black, likely leading to an assumption of her having Ua Badb bloodlines.)
Can be assumed to be Elk. (Though if they catch sight of her eyes un-glamoured they might assume she has Raven blood.)
Political Status:
None Yet. Lives in the wilds.

Combat / Magic: Efficient and stubborn to a fault. Even when losing, it's unlikely she will give into pain and yield. Once a fight has started, she often views it as an "All or Nothing" situation. It is always assumed that someone attacking her means to either kill or enslave her, thus she will not relent and will almost always try to kill her attacker. She has a preference for stealth as most of her opponents in the wild tend to be older and more experienced. A knife to the back or an arrow at a distance to the eye is far more preferable then facing someone toe-to-toe.

  • Wild Charm | Amateur - They grow a great deal better when tended by her.
  • Body Charm | Amateur - She can change her eye color and her nails length/sharpness. That's it.
  • Her level of magic in any of the charms she "knows" is half-trained at best. She does not equal even the weakest student in magic.

  • Hand to hand - Student in weaponless combat.
  • Bow (Short) - Master with a bow in hand at the proper distance. She can use a long bow but does not have the strength to pull it if strung too tightly.
  • Knife - Deadly in throwing, Student in close combat.
  • Sword - If small enough, she can use it without hurting herself. No great skill. (Amateur)

  • Two small silver knives, appears to have been ritually made. (Stolen when she ran away)
  • Hand carved sapling short-bow.
  • Obsidian tipped arrows, decently balanced. (Carries an 24 arrow sling.)
  • Small obsidian bladed knife, hand made.
  • Armor/clothing consists of soft leather with hardened leather coverings over sensitive/vulnerable areas.


~Skin Pale~
Peach/Light toned
Mood Ring - Default Solid Black
Pale Blonde
95 lbs

~Physical Appearance~
At first glance, the creature is diminutive and unassuming, barely even recognizable as a woman beneath the ragged clothes and grime she's painted in to hide her markings. The markings run down from her temples and over her cheeks, they progress down her neck, along her collarbone and further down her arms to wrap finally around her wrists. The markings simply state the same word over and over again in a flowery drawn manner, the word; "Slave" in the Ogham written language.

She appears half-starved and wild, her eyes a glinting black that covers the entire orb, making her pale cheeks seem all the more gaunt by comparison. Her nails are long, claw-like and tough enough to be lethal should they be gouged through someone's eye at the proper force and angle. Saoirse also bares many lash scars on her back, buttocks, thighs and arms, gifts from a cruel "trainer" who ought not have been given care of her at one point.

Her clothing is handmade, soft leather underneath likely from many, many, many rabbits that were hunted down for food. All the parts were used in the making of her clothes. The clothing or "armor" on top of the softer leather was from a much larger animal and very tough, purposely cured into a hardened shape to keep her safe from weapons and of course the many predators in the forest that she often hunted. (Her leather clothing was obtained through trial and error of attempting to re-create a skill she once asked her arms mentor about; Leather-working. Though the clothes are not especially pretty, they are sturdy and after much practice, well made.)

Physical Strengths: Quick and agile.

Physical Weaknesses: Small, not nearly as strong as she could be and often underfed which affects her physical stamina. She is also young and lacks as much training as those older and more schooled then herself.


The most apt word to describe Saoirse is; Wild. She was a stubborn and easily excitable child, never offered the chance to grow up normally and as an adult she is still very stubborn but with a much more stern and cautious side to her energy. She does not trust easily, will never go near a stranger willingly and often will attack anyone who comes too close to the place she calls home. Her best side is that of her curiosities, always wondering what more there is to the world that she's missing, she will take time to spy on other beings/creatures to observe their day to day life.

It is never a good idea to corner her. No matter who she is facing or what their skill level is, if someone corners her she will act like a wild animal backed up against a wall. She is not "feral" but she does have some of the traits, seeing as she has been alone in the forest for a long time and she was not a very calm child before her time in the wilds.

She does have a more gentle side to her. The habits she obtained while training in the "Slave School" she was put into at an early age have not left her. In truth, when she is alone, she is a very civilized individual. She even uses hand-crafted utensils to eat! Saoirse is even capable of being a very proper Sidhe lady due to the training she received but it is highly unlikely she will practice those skills without a great deal of trust in the person she shows them to.

Mental Strengths: Stubborn, unyielding, hard working, clever, curious and cautious.
  • Stubborn - She rarely will give up on anything she sets her mind to do.
  • Unyielding - Adversity is not a solid wall for her. Rather she is the solid wall that will allow none to tread over her.
  • Hard working - Not afraid to get her hands dirty! She will dig in and work her ass off for anything she wants.
  • Clever - Intellect is not lacking in the wee lass but she is very "sneaky" in her ways. She prefers to trick her prey or adversaries, to outwit them rather then simply bash into them.
  • Curious - Always willing to learn and eager to seek out knowledge about anything and everything.
  • Cautious - Unlikely to be caught unaware of her surroundings. She goes to great lengths to protect herself from harm.

Mental Weaknesses: Stubborn, unyielding, naive, distrustful, quick to judge and jaded.
  • Stubborn - If she has set her mind to something, it is very difficult to sway her away from that thing even if the thing she seeks to do/obtain is detrimental to her own health.
  • Unyielding - Once she's made up her mind, it's nigh impossible to change it.
  • Naive - She has seen very little of the world. There are things she simply assumes she knows but in truth she is socially inept.
  • Distrustful - There's absolutely no one in the world she trusts enough to get close to her.
  • Quick to judge - She makes snap judgments about everyone she sees though she is not brave enough to approach them and find out if they are true or false.
  • Jaded - Young and already bitter about the world due to her time as a slave.


She was born to a loving family, cared for and loved for the first five years of her life by both parents in a small cottage. They lived by their means, a small garden and what her parents and older brother could hunt and gather. Her childhood was filled with lighter memories of laughter and youthful enjoyment. The day the slavers came, her world burned before her eyes. Her father was killed defending them and unspeakable things were done to her mother while Saoirse herself was put in chains made especially for a creature her size. The most heart shattering experience for the wee Sidhe however was the sight of her brother at the door, accepting payment for the sale of his family. The disappointment in his voice when he heard that he would not be paid for his father.

She screamed for hours after they took her, made such a fuss that one of the slavers gagged her and very curtly told the child that if she did not silence herself they would make sure she never made another sound again. The ominous threat meant so little to a child and for the entire trip, she whimpered beneath the rag they'd crammed into her mouth. When they arrived at the camp, the same man who'd threatened her approached with a small collar in hand, a ring of cold metal that he slipped around her throat and sealed before pulling the rag from her mouth. She tried to yell at him, a fierce little creature in her defiance of her captors but the sound that greeted her was more akin to silence. In truth, she found that for one reason or another, she could not speak and each time she tried, a searing pain assaulted her throat. Tears of anger, frustration and fear welled up in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. There was no pity to be found in the slavers around her. They let her cry, knowing full well that it would not be the last time with what she would endure in the coming years.

The next seventeen years of her life were spent in training and seven years after that to polish what she'd been taught. The "Master" who trained her was a cruel woman with a lash who ought not have been given the charge of such a child. While the barb of the whip kept her from acting out in more wild ways, it also made her more clever in her disobedience and far more vengeful. Each night she could steal away, she disguised herself as a boy in a high collared shirt and stole her way out to the courtyard to train with the boys in sticks, knives and other tools of war. The lady of the house was especially vain and did not believe that she needed to keep the little slave girl on a tight leash while within her household, she'd trained many far more timid creatures and none of -them- had done anything even half so bold.

One late night, the master of arms caught a strange "boy" practicing in the courts when all the other children had run off home for dinner. He watched the child go through drills many times over before he interrupted, quietly correcting the child's position. It occurred to him who the youth was and what the high collared shirt hid but he made no comment, allowing her to continue through the drill properly before he stopped her again.

"You do not belong out here and yet here we are. Do you truly think this is worth the beating you will surely receive?"

She looked up at him, the color of her eyes shifting to a stubborn dark green. She had no words for him, her voice long ago stolen by those who'd first placed the collar on her throat. All he received in reply was a very fierce nod.

"Very well then child. I will teach you how to do it right. On one condition. Each day you will continue your studies with the Madame. You will not only continue them, you will excel in them. If I hear even once that you have been disobedient beyond coming out here for lessons, I will cease. Do you understand?"

A much more hesitant nod was offered this time, the color of her eyes shifting to an uncertain dark yellow. While she had never seen the arms master as anything but an honorable man, it still bothered her a great deal that he was capable of living and working in a home where slavery was the norm. Still, she was in no position to refuse such a generous offer that gave her what she wanted without risking a beating for it.

She became the ideal student in the training house, meeting every lesson as though it were a challenge to be conquered. On her ninth year in the house, she was deemed ready for sale but Saoirse herself had other plans. The little lass had no intention of becoming a trophy in someone's house, a maid or a bed playmate.

Saoirse managed to convince the Madame's twenty year old son that he was in love with her and the boy truly believed that the only way he could be with her forever was to free her from her bonds and escape with her into the wilds. In truth, she cared nothing for the spoiled boy and the day he freed her of the collar, she dosed him with enough sedative from the slaver's rooms to keep him out for long after she left.

After shedding her collar, Saoirse took a small pack of items she'd stolen and collected over time, including some food pilfered from the kitchens and fled the estate. The house itself was not long from the wilds and she soon lost herself within them. It had been her dearest wish to find her home but soon enough, she found herself wholly lost in lands she knew very little about. Even with the map she'd acquired, everything was far larger and more frightening then she'd expected. She was unable to find her way back home though it took her weeks of travel and sleeping in hollow trees or holes in the ground to accept this. She traveled deeper into the wilds and eventually, began to make a home there.

For ten years, she lived in the wilds, finding out quickly that she could not trust anyone she came across or who dared to approach her. The tattoos on her frame that she'd received early on in her training marked her for what she was and those associated with the slave trade were all too eager to drag her back and sell her. She killed those who tried, though it was very rare that anyone happened upon her as far into the wilds as she'd gone. She'd long ago memorized the trails in and out of the wilds but did not until very recently discover that a city of sorts skirting the forest that she'd never dared approach before. Quietly she observed from dark corners and found soon that there did not appear to be a slave market in -this- city... It was -almost- enough to make her want a better look.

OOC Name: Simi
Other Characters: None
You 18 Years or Older? Yes
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