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A Necessary Meeting ( Chieftains )
A Chieftain Calls For A Meeting
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Ryol Ó Caer-Mór Offline
Child of Danu

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Tribe: Clann Swann
Clann: Ua Caer
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A Necessary Meeting ( Chieftains )
Date: Lughnasadh | 6 Bácáil | 1722 ATA
Time of Day: Mid-Morning
Weather: Fair, slightly cloudy.
Location: Dun Cels

A message had gone out, intercepted and dispersed among the chieftains of Cels... alerting them all to conspiracy. Ryol hadn't bothered to wait and see if the others were intending to try and meet, finding it far more practical to levy his own demand - that they gather in Dun Cels, and discuss the problem.

It was this that led Ryol to one of the chambers within Dun Cels, cloak over his shoulders, clad in black...

Waiting for the others to arrive.

In-fighting between their clanns was common enough, after all, but this was nothing to be idle about, especially with the threat of conspiracy afoot... the troubles the Abhean were attempting to stir were no little dilemma, but there were greater games afoot - and if there were truly malefactors banding together within at least three of the great clanns, there was enough reason to gather the chieftains and see what there was that could be done... what extent their cooperation could be counted upon in order to root out the source of the message... and to assist in being rid of the problem... he wasn't certain - the relations between many were strained, and though he tried to keep a neutral position between them... well... even he had his tendencies towards favor and disfavor...
08-15-2013 01:53 AM
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Cathasach Ó Goibniu-Mór Offline
Child of Danu

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Tribe: Clann Fox
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RE: A Necessary Meeting ( Chieftains )
Cathasach was the first to arrive. The guards opened the heavy double-doors, and let him and a handful of his own bodyguards through. It had been a decade since the chamber had been in use. Morning light spilled through the windows overhead, illuminating specks of dust, and gave the cold stones a hint of warm glow. A tiny comfort for the meeting ahead.

The doors closed behind him, leaving him with the only occupant in the room -- Ryol, the one who had initiated this meeting, and not the worst person to be stuck in with while they both wait.

“Morning,” he greeted his fellow chieftain, as he took a seat away from Ryol, “don’t think of my early hour as my eagerness for this meeting, I just want to get it out of the way as soon as possible.”

He helped himself to the whiskey that was provided on the table. It was a far lighter liquor than Liquid Fire, but he was not here to get drunk. He poured the contents into a bronze chalice, and raised an eyebrow at the Swan Chieftain. “Want a drink to ease up, before this room turn cold over?”

Despite his lax attitude, his mind had already formed inquires, and compiling some facts which may or may not be related to the situation at hand among his own people. After all, wherever money flow, sooner or later, you’d find a Fox on the trail.
08-15-2013 12:38 PM
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Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór Offline
Child of Danu

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RE: A Necessary Meeting ( Chieftains )
It was the sixth of Bacail, a day that he was not particular fond of. Well there was no reason to not be fond of the sixth, but for some reason Niall simply was not fond of that day in particular. Whatever, the reason he had awoken earlier that week after reviewing again the notice that had been sent to all the Taoisigh in the High Kingdom. Something about some sort of federation brewing among the rebels in not only his lands, but those in the west. What had struck him the most was the outright defiance of the Ua Abhean against Ryol and the Swan. The Ecne rising against their brother Elk, this was utter foolishness. His eyes roved across a map of the Great Coill as he turned to a pair of dark clad men in front of a full squadron of armed men and women.

The map was held out by a servant who then rolled it up as Niall gave his orders.

"There be no High King, I rule the Rave. Thus I invoke Clann's End upon House ShadeCrow. Find them all, bring them here and then we shall decide if they are all to be put to spear and sword. Even the children." He said as he turned and walked over to his waiting Chariot. A few hours later he walked into the ancient meeting chambers of the Dal where Ryol had called the Taoisigh. Wearing his typical mantle of feathers he stared at the Stone of Kings and cocked eyebrow as he saw both Cathasach and Ryol present.

"This rebellion issue is proving annoying. We lack a High King to do what is needed, thus I have invoked Clann's End against those who rebel against me," he said plainly.

"What do you plan for the Abhean Fine, Ryol?"

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08-23-2013 03:14 PM
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