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Devils in the Grove
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Devils in the Grove
Date: Lughnasahab | 1st of Cogadh | 1722 ATA
Time of Day: Mid-Day
Weather: Slightly Rainy
Location: The Arch-Grove of Dun Cels

The day was light and without much humidity. The mists of the city's namesake were low about the bally docks as Niall the chief of Ravens made his way toward the highest fort in the land. There was nothing like Dun Cels, the High Seat, the home of the High Throne itself. Buried deep within the massive ring shaped walls was the King's Chamber which stood the Stone of Destiny. Even now as he traveled in his finely made chariot he could see the form of the great thing rising from the low hanging mists hugging the form of the streets as they came rolling in from the nearby shores of the sea. Cathair Ceochain, was a place of politics and lost souls. Even now as he watched the black masked guards of the grand citadel open the high gates, he knew he was a devil entering a place of solitude.

Devil, was that really the apt way to describe who he was. Niall was a man of devious behavior, plans that could be considered treason, and much worse. However, his mind was rife with ideas that were going to change the way how things were done. At this point though his plan still required a lot of pieces that were not even remotely in place at that moment. There was also the ongoing clan war between his factors and the Ua Badb was only dragging on at this point. Why he had not just gathered the full might of the loyal Houses to him and struck down the ShadeCrow and the others was beyond his supporters.

There was a simple truth to it, he was waiting. The Ua Badb were a threat, but after his meeting with Cathasach and subsequent meeting with his daughter Niall had changed strategies. As soonas he had finished he had called the Flaith of his Great Clann to Cathair Fiach and had made a simple ultimatum. Those who were disloyal to the reigning Chieftain would face the wrath of his ancient sire, the very vindictive deviousness which had seen her slay the great warrior Cu Chulainn.

"I shall call upon ye all the oldest of geasa from the lost cities, with the might of the Raven's Feather, an' the blood of Nuada himself!" he had said. The threat had seem idle, until the next day the reigning house elders of several Ua Badb families had suddenly turned up with their necks broken. He could thank Aidan for that. The Geasa was in a way true, he had gathered artifacts from long ago, but he was not sure of what they could provide. As his thoughts raced along he passed under the high gate and into the central courtyard that separated the sections of the grand citadel.

It was a small area, created to confine invaders and allow defenders to bottleneck attackers. He passed murder slits for arrows as he jumped off his chariot and was soon flanked by a pair of withwood clad warriors as he held the Earthbreaker in his right hand. The black masked guards of Dun Cels parted for him as he entered the central forested courtyard beyond the minor one. This was the Arch-Grove the domain of the highest druid inthe land, and it was here he would wait to see.

For he had laced a simple invitation across Cels.

Quote:"All those factors wishing to see clarity can meet the Chief of Ravens upon the first of Cogadh in the Arch-Grove. Come when the sun is slight in the air, near mid-day. Great fortune awaits, and if you so thing yourself with good purpose, bring your ideas. For it is time to end the lay abouting of our fair people and bring forth the truest of designs, we must discuss the future of the High Kingdom.

So thus I challenge those who think themselves worthy to claim title of lord, be it dark or light.

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08-14-2013 07:56 PM
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