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An AU canon only X-Men RPG
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[Image: regenad_zps983cc014.png]

It is 2011.

In the past six months, the world has turned into a darker place for mutantkind.

Charles Xavier, the man who had changed so much for mutants, offering them a place of safe haven, is no longer the man he was. In October 2010, the Xavier Institute was attacked by powerful and unknown mutants, mutants who have forever changed the lives of those who lived there. Many fell on that fateful night, including Professor Xavier himself: his body has never been found. Everything had surely been lost.

Except hope.

Under the patronage of Warren Worthington III, the X-Men have regrouped to a warehouse in Staten Island, where they are working to rebuild Xavier's shattered dream without the man himself. However, this is no longer as easy as it once was.

After a devastating attack on the UN, mutants in the USA have lost all rights, the government willingly signing off bills to make them less than human, this willingness spurred on by a frightened populace. Mutants were a threat, and something had to be done to protect normal, law-abiding Americans. As a result mutantkind has gone underground, in some cases literally, in order to ensure their continued survival.

Not all mutants wish to remain quiet, though. The Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Magneto, have begun a campaign to rally their kind to the cause; to show humans that mutants will not be terrorized: that mutants are the future.

The world is at a crossroads, as is mutantkind: a tentative alliance has been formed between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, in order to ensure the safety and survival of all mutants, everywhere. But is this bargain struck to be the downfall of them all? Will the humans escalate their attacks until an all out war ensues?

Where do YOU stand? Will you fight? Or will you fall?

3-3-3 rated, 18+, run by adults, for adults.

08-13-2013 08:57 AM
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