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Elements of Time [lb]
AU 9th Pass Pern
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Elements of Time [lb]
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What happened to Benden Weyr?

Nobody knows. One moment they were here. The next, they just disappeared. It’s said that a messenger from one of the other Weyrs arrived there one day to find the entire Weyr deserted. No humans. No dragons. Just empty weyrs. The other Weyrs sent out searches, but nobody could find a trace of them and there were no clues about where they might be.

Well. No clues but this: A few months beforehand, they’d had a hatching. A hatching nobody was allowed to attend save the Weyrleaders and the candidates. Ever since the queen clutched her eggs, nobody had been allowed to see the eggs. Riders who tried to meet with the Weyrwoman to congratulate her were turned away. Spectators come to watch the hatching were told to clear out. After that, no outsiders were allowed in. Absolutely no one. Nobody knows what was so special about that clutch, and nobody knows what happened to the Weyr. Did they die? Did they leave? Five hundred Turns later, we’re no closer to the answer than we ever were before.

Except for this. There are legends about the Lost Weyr, stories whispered from ear to ear. Some say they’re not dead or vanished, but hiding. Some say there are ways to find them, if you know the right people. And sometimes, when a child disappears, it’s said that they were taken by the Lost Riders to Impress the dragons that still hatch, somewhere. But it’s also said that there are people who can cut your throat if you speak too loudly about what you know.

It’s all nonsense, I’m sure. A children’s tale, nothing more. Whatever happened, those Weyrfolk are gone for good. After all, what could possibly be so big a secret that an entire Weyr decided to hide from the world to keep it?

It would have to be something huge. Something unheard of.

I’m sure it’s just a story.

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Important Things to Know
  • Slightly non canon with two new colors
  • "Secret Weyr" plot
  • Candidates definitely needed
  • Just finished our first Hatching!
  • Bronzerider apps being accepted
  • 1 AWM and 2 ACM positions available
  • Firelizard clutch coming soon
  • Many other plots in the works, so check it out!
  • There's a murderer loose in the Weyr and the body count is rising!
  • Goldflight coming up soon!
  • New Weyrling/Candidate lessons every 3 weeks
08-06-2013 02:29 AM
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