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Time, Space, & Chips
doctor who/torchwood community rp [if]
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The Master

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Time, Space, & Chips
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After Earth was returned home, the Children of Time continued their lives and the Doctor was left alone, same as ever. Everything changed, though, when he found some of the Master's charts from that day on the Valiant. Finding a chart of the constellation of Kasterborous and E-Space, the Doctor went to inspect his discovery. What he found was both shocking and surprising - a generation ship with thousands of Time Lords and Ladies known as the Hand of Time, locked in stasis. When he jerked the ship from the temporal gate of E-Space, it acted as a galactic sling-shot, releasing the universe again and allowing him to take the Time Lords back to the remains of Gallifrey.

This Hand of Time – the faithful, the rogues, the leftovers – were those who had followed Romana to this generation ship at the end of the Time War. With Gallifrey under a new President, this ‘reborn’ Rassilon, Romana did what she could to save some of her people and her planet. Now released, the Hand of Time is free to slowly start rebuilding Gallifrey. The Outsiders have left the Capitol, and the Sisterhood of Karn has left for their moon.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Torchwood has gone global, UNIT is blossoming, and the mysterious Forge is growing powerful underground. In addition, the effects of the energy released from the 'galactic sling-shot' has produced interesting events. The energy apparently had a sort of drawback on anyone that had been involved with space and time. The effects included the return of those long thought gone: Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor, Owen and Tosh, memories for Donna...

However, the sling-shot of energy still echoed back through time, allowing the Master to grab on and escape the Time Lock. The Master escaped his death by regenerating and regaining his old TARDIS. Meanwhile, the Doctor, in his Eleventh incarnation, has discovered an impossible girl, and now that he's discovered just who she is, he continues to travel with this Clara "Oswin" Oswald. But Silence has long since fallen, and there's a question that remains unanswered...
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07-23-2013 06:43 PM
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RE: Time, Space, & Chips
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11-15-2013 04:54 PM
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