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Work in Progress The Hammering of the Ironswift
Where a frontier lays, those with courage seek to march past it's walls...
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The Hammering of the Ironswift
Date: Einmundar 10th - Harpa the 5th
Time of Day: N/A
Weather: Varies between Cloudy and lukewarm to warm.
Location: Northwest frontiers of Jotunland.

[Image: river_rapids_fort_by_kkadz-d5zttvd.jpg]

The Ironswift had grown in number and sponsor in the Gullgard League as of the past eight years, making much use of it's moderate and expansive ways in innovation and mercantile (what could be called that) for Norland. For this however was a massive push, one that came for the history of the Aesir. The lands to the North and East, long since uninhabited aside the isolated Homestead, now was turned to aggressive settlement and construction, under the watchful eyes of the Ironswift Warband members. There was, however, a difference then past's previous, that with the assistance of Swann mercenaries knowledged in several charms to assist in the construction. What would have taken days to do like cellars and earthenworks to defend against the Dark Beasts now were finished in several hours, and the efforts flourished to several homesteads now guarded by the massive palisades that the Aesir were so fond of having.

With his own boarders being allowed to expand with most of the hunting being done by either the Warband or the two groups of Rangers sent with them, a small request for garrisons was approved a week later having shown first to the runners a map and descriptions for each settlement. Efforts now focus on building a Jotunland Hillfort in the star-shaped manner of the homesteads around-making use of the plains south of the permanent ice line and the woods with it.

Family Members and the Warband
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