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Ready for Review! Edana Uí Clíodhna
(note: not for the faint-hearted)
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Child of Danu

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Tribe: Clann Wolf
Clann: Ua Cliodhna
Occupation: Sellsword/Assassin

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Edana Uí Clíodhna
Edana Uí Clíodhna

[Image: 3486a9w.jpg]

Age: 72
Gender: Female
Race: Sidhe
Class: Tuathanach (peasant)
Tribe: Clann Wolf
Clan: Ua Clíodhna
Political Status: Unaligned
Occupation: Sellsword, assassin, 'companion'

Combat / Magic:

  • Body Charm (Adept) - able to change various parts of her own body, or that of someone else, to look like a completely different sidhe, and can add minor animal features to her body.
  • Solid (light) Charm (Student) - Edana is able to manipulate small beams of light and create smaller blades or other small sharp objects. She can create a small shield of light as well for herself, though the larger the shield the weaker it is.

  • Unarmed Martial Skill (Deadly) - Originally learned through necessity for her own survival, she quickly began formal training in how to incapacitate someone if there were no weapons on hand or by using smaller objects that could be hidden in her hands.
  • Daggers/Knives (Deadly) - smaller blades like the short-sword or dagger, Edana is highly skilled and knows how to take a target or enemy down quickly without too much problem.
  • Shortbow (Student) - Edana received enough training to become a student and can hit an unmoving target, but she has not had much field experience with bow and arrows.
  • One-handed Blade (Amateur) - She can wield a blade, but is not used to the weight compared to daggers.
  • Longbow (Amateur) - a bit more difficult to aim accurately than a shortbow, but she still has a good chance of hitting a target

  • Silver dagger
  • Bronze dagger
  • Leather bodice and arm guards


Being ¾ Flidais and ¼ Cliodhna, Edana tends to take after her mother’s side pretty much completely. In fact, if not for her name, her imperfections (scars), and peasant status, then she could be mistaken for a pure blooded Lady of a noble Flidais family with her brown hair, lightly tanned skin, sharp nails and wolfish eyes that seem to gleam in an almost feral way. Her features are fairly sharp and canines only slightly elongated, and lips are a natural light red.

Aside from the obvious features which make her stand out as one of Clann Wolf, Edana stands at a rather average height of 5’6, and her frame though lean, also seems to be rather thin as though she does not eat enough, or has had a less than healthy diet for some time. The bottom of her ribcage might be seen beneath her skin if it weren’t covered by the thick leather bodice she generally wears overtop of a shirt. Also beneath her clothing, which generally consists of the above plus leather pants and shoes, are many scars. Along one of her arms are bite marks from a wolf, while her back and shoulders are covered in lash scars. She even has minor scars on her stomach and breasts from some of the ill treatment received, and there is a faint light scar that runs down the right side of her face near her ear, which she tends to cover with her hair most the time. To top it all off, she has brand marks on her hip and the inside of her left thigh.

Being as thin as she is, and lacking in general bodily strength, Edana has to rely on her wits for the most part to be able to predict an opponent’s movements, and being able to move quickly when she needs to in order to avoid a hard knock. Due to the injuries and scars she carries, she can also be occasionally stiff or in pain at times, which makes it more difficult to move around.


Hardened for the most part, Edana tends to feel a cold indifference toward others much of the time due to her difficult life to date and the fact that she feels a level of revulsion toward herself and toward those who both torture others and those who allow themselves to be hurt (she falls into the latter category herself, which lends to her self-disgust). Whatever Edana might have been had her life not been turned upside down at a young age, is long gone and its difficult to even believe that there was an innocent girl inside her once -- at least from her point of view.

Edana is alone in life as far as she’s concerned; having had it beat into her more than enough times that she was a nothing, a nobody that wouldn’t be missed if she disappeared, to the point where she believes it. Yet, for some reason she continues on, whether its out of spite, or simply because she hasn’t decided on the best time to just give in and let be whatever will be. Its possible a part of her that wants to fight and exist is still alive inside her, stubbornly holding on. Either way, she would die before returning to the torment she finally recently escaped.

Deep down, there are parts of the woman that haven’t died out; such as the part that will not allow her to bring herself to kill a child. And the part that had her helping vagrants when she was still younger. Morally, Edana tends to live in a very grey area, where she draws her own lines of what might or might not be acceptable, though even those lines can be compromised now and then. She’s untrusting of others, edgy and nervous about about anyone who might appear to want to help her (its always some kind of trick, she’s certain), and generally standoffish. Though it may be possible that there is still more to the woman that hasn’t quite been killed off, but is just hiding in the depths of her psyche.


It was about twenty years into the Great Clann War when a Flidais woman who’d been adopted into the Ua Cliodhna after the fall of Cymru, bore a daughter to a peasant man of half Flidais and half Cliodhna blood. While they’d been amicable with one another, no one would call it a heart-stopping love. More so, their relationship was mostly convenient as he’d worked for her family for a number of years and the woman had stayed on in the land they’d acquired since having been forced from their old province, while most of her family had been moving back over to their original Sept and assisting in their part of the war. Edana’s life wasn’t difficult, as her mother had money, but she was still of the peasant class and a mixed child, something that many Albans looked down upon.

It was when Edana was about eleven that she and her mother had made a trip to Wolf’s Harrow, her maternal family attempting to convince the mother to join back into their Sept. She would be returned to noble status, as would Edana, and their lives would be so much better. It seemed that had been something of a jinx, because it was during their stay that the Ua Flidais were attacked by a liege of golden riders (with a few dabs of other colours among them). They came down on the wolves, though to their credit were only interested in battling those who were clearly warriors or who engaged them in battle, and were after mainly the leaders.

Still, it was a terrifying experience for a child, and though the majority of Ua Lugh were noble in leaving mothers and children alone, there were those few stray folk whose eyes burned with hatred for all of their enemy Sept. It was one of these who seemed mad with bloodlust that came down on the mother and child, and Edana watched her mother be cut down in front of her for simply trying to defend her child; the girl was sure she would be next but for another golden warrior stopped them and warned that they would not slaughter children like animals, even going so far as to threaten his comrade if he saw him try it again before telling Edana to run from there.

The girl didn’t really need to be told twice, scared that she would be chased despite the fact that she was on her own now. She followed other groups who were fleeing in the aftermath of the battle, unable to find anyone she might know, her mother’s family having been killed or split up. So it was that Edana tended to follow family groups for the most part, until some of the beaten down warriors caught up and one man in particular noticed that the girl seemed to be wandering alone and aimless. He ascertained quickly that she was an orphan girl, and upon hearing her name and realising she was just some peasant mix despite her strong Flidais appearance, debated just leaving her until a comrade mentioned (outside the girl’s hearing) she could make a decent child or servant to have around since his wife was lost in the battle and he could just toss her aside if it didn’t work out.

With that, Edana was picked up by the man and taken to his home with the promise that he’d try to contact her father; a promise that he didn’t intend to keep. She was made to go to the local Acadamh, where she was somewhat ignored by other students and the Ua Flidais teachers seemed a lot more militant in their lessons; still angered over their loss to the sun children. Every moment she wasn’t studying, she was working doing household chores and whatnot. The master of the house enjoyed taunting the girl though and it didn’t take long for her to show her anger. This resulted in a punishment of being tossed in front of a wolf that the man controlled, which then attacked her. Screaming as it bit her arm, the girl had scrambled, looking for anything to defend herself. She found a sharp stick with her free hand and shoved it through the animal’s eyes, one at a time, until it let her go.

Though angered, the master seemed somewhat impressed by the girl’s determination to survive as well, and decided on allowing her basic combat training once her arm had healed up enough. Still, she had learned not to show her anger to the man, not until she could find a way to get away. She had to survive until then.

So, the years passed, and Edana grew a little bolder in her teen years, beginning the habit of helping vagrants or travellers who needed an overnight place to stay by hiding them in the loft of the stables and sneaking food to them. It was perhaps her little way of rebelling in a fashion, though only worked so long as she wasn’t caught. The rare few times someone was caught in the stables, they would take the blame and leave with the warning, rather than betray the kind girl who’d helped them. It was also as she reached her late teens and early twenties that her master took another interest in her, and one she that wasn’t prepared for at all the first time he drunkenly took her and bent her over a table with the slurred words that if she struggled or didn’t like what he was doing, she could always have a real blade put inside her.

The young woman suffered the humiliation and degradation in silence, determined to be out of there one day. Through it all, she continued to help people who needed it, others like her who had lost their home or families in the ongoing Clann War or just needed somewhere for a night, learning that she could just distract the master if she needed to, whether it was at the cost of her body or some other humiliation if need be.

It was some time into her early thirties that the woman was given a reprieve, or took it is perhaps more apt. A get together that the master held with some colleagues took an interesting turn when one who she’d only seen visit a few times seemed to pay more than usual attention to her. The handsome man managed to corner her away from the others during the evening and spoke alluring words to her, saying that he could show her a much better life than the foolish drunkard and handed her a very sharp blade. He said she knew how to gain her freedom from this prison and he’d wait at the nearby Inn only until morning.

In the dark of night, long after others had left, was when Edana contemplated the options. If she was to be free, then she had to make sure that the master would never follow her. It was in the dark hours of the morning that the woman took her first life. She sprinted from the house afterward, after having washed her hands as clean of blood as possible, and practically ran into the man who’d given her the blade, almost as though he’d been waiting right for her. He took the shaking young woman into his arms without a word, placed her on his horse before climbing on as well, and they took off to his piece of land and the place that the woman would call home over the coming years.

Edana began more intensive training in weaponry and the art of assassination then, and with the bit more freedom she seemed to have gained she was also able to learn of her father’s demise some years prior, apparently during his search for her. With nothing left for her but the man who she believed had saved her life (his name Cullen, she found out soon into their arrival at his home), she settled in to repay him for giving her freedom back, not yet realising that she was now his to order. So it was that for the duration of the rest of the Clann War, Edana worked alongside some of Cullen’s other assassins in taking out the occasional annoyance or troublemaker, also allowing him to claim her as one of his lovers. Life seemed kind of good for a while.

All of that began to change gradually after the wars had ended. With the Aesir invasion having been fought off after interrupting the Clann War and causing the people of Cels to unite, there seemed to be an uneasy peace in the lands. It was something that appeared to leave Cullen suddenly feeling more restless and bitter for reasons Edana couldn’t quite understand. Dissatisfied with how the conflict ended and with a need to inflict more suffering on enemies, the man’s bitterness and anger grew and was taken out on those who were beneath him -- Edana being one of those, to her own discovery.

At first it was just general anger and complaints, occasional yelling and putting down as well as reminders that she was worth nothing to anyone except him and if she didn’t remain useful then he wouldn’t even need her. She wasn’t the only one to suffer the anger, but she received it the most frequent, even having him be more rough in bed, to the point of leaving her hurting a lot of the time. His worst days were when someone had failed in a job or been killed, and so the woman did her best to keep him pleased, especially after he admitted in one rage-filled night when he’d almost choked her that he would kill her if she ever tried to leave him, thoroughly putting the fear of death into her.

As the years wore on, so did his anger begin to emerge in further physical forms. It was clear that he’d stopped thinking of Edana as a person in the most recent years. Not a lover, or even a well-treated pet. Just something to kick.

Then one day, Cullen summoned Edana to him and gave her a new order, a new job to fulfil -- and one that came with a very special reward. He wanted the children of the heir to the SunChild dynasty dead. He wanted to make the golden women who’d lead the charge on Wolf’s Harrow to suffer, and if Edana was successful then she could be free. It seemed too good to be true... almost. Upon learning of their ages, the woman hesitated. She’d never been ordered to kill children, and despite how stony her own heart had grown due to the years of abuse and of killing people, she didn’t think she could bring herself to do such a thing.

With her admission of this weakness, Edana was officially declared useless. Part of her felt some kind of relief with the promise that she might just die, however Cullen had apparently decided it was not enough and she was instead locked in a cell after she received punishment via lashings, brands seared onto her flesh on her hip and inside one of her thighs, and other humiliations until she was left weak. She lost count of the days that her body was abused and locked away all due to her refusal to kill children, but sought to save her strength until an opportunity showed itself.

This happened when one night one of Cullen’s colleagues who had long admired the peasant girl and wanted to do things to her, paid her a visit in her cell, having ordered any guards away so that he could have some privacy. The woman feigned weakness and semi-consciousness, as though she could not move so that he would be forced to near her for what she wanted, and then she struck with a small blade of concentrated light. She slit his throat and stole his coin purse, before escaping her prison. Sticking to the shadows, she was able to sneak into her old quarters, change clothing and gather her own coin she’d been stowing away for a number of years, as well as a couple of weapons, and she took a horse and fled, fuelled by the desire to avoid what fate Cullen would have for her if she was caught, and debating in her mind of whether to warn someone that those children were being targeted.

OOC Name: Lily
Other Characters: Aithne, Seren, Mairead, Aisling, Kerenza, Linnéa
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