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Intents and Purposes [Tryggve & Aleksander]
Vanalanders unite!
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Tryggve Ragnason Offline
The Iron Folk

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Tribe: Vanaland
Clann: Ránningar
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RE: Intents and Purposes [Tryggve & Aleksander]
Tryggve relaxed within his chair after the hunt from earlier this morning. However, his mind could not relax with an important guest in his household. He glances over at his wife, who hands him a cup. He smiles lightly and takes it while the Jarl's ears listen to Aleksandr's words about the various politics and events of the outside world beyond the Vanaland. It was no surprise that the Clanns were once more at each others necks over resources, territory or feuds that remained since their recent war.

The Jarl's eyebrow goes up at the mention of Isle of Mannan. It had always been a great interest of a Reaver to raid those coasts, which laid between Sidhe and Aesir lands. Tryggve had such hidden ambitions for Mannan beyond just raiding their coasts to enrich the Vanalands further, but he would remain quiet on such a subject.

He takes a sip of his glass before setting it down. "It is not surprising to hear such rivalries between the various Sidhe Clanns. The war has only just recently ended for both Cels' internal affairs and between the Sidhe and Aesir. I highly doubt those feuds and rivalries will end any time soon."

Tryggve feels his wife's hand pat his leg. He glances at her and offers a smile before looking once more at Aleksandr. "As our homeland's Jarl, a fellow Reaver and Vanalander, you will always be able to rely upon us for any sort of help. The Vanaland looks after her children as Reavers look out for each other, like brothers." He smiles once more at her wife, gently touching her small and warm hand within his larger grasp. The Jarl then looks at his wife, surprised she even read his mind and ambitions. However, Tryggve remained silent as he awaited Aleksandr's answer to his wife's question.
07-13-2013 03:52 PM
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Aleksander Norgaard Offline
The Iron Folk

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Tribe: Vanaland
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RE: Intents and Purposes [Tryggve & Aleksander]
"Oh I'd be surprised if it wasn't happening in about a month or so, them lot always trying to wring the best advantages with the weather and them works. Too bad however that when their magic is used internally it can be the cause of quite the amount of strife!" He grinned wickedly and cocked his head briefly to crack his neck.

"It is good to hear, for our efforts would be for the holds of tha' South to have supremacy in the Ice Sea. Much as I be knowin' our lot would be good to pacifyin' the lot, I do have a message from tha' west, whom I'm tah' be grudgin' to give credit to some of the plan, Jarl Solvkin. If you've a mind for it, I can be saying what he offers and what he has to work with once the fires burn."
07-16-2013 03:10 PM
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Linnéa Foxtongue Offline
The Iron Folk

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Tribe: Vanaland
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RE: Intents and Purposes [Tryggve & Aleksander]
"A long-lived people such as them hold on to even longer grudges, I hear," Linnéa mused quietly, "I hardly find it surprising that their internal rivalries would become a focus once more, simply because they have nothing else better to do for the moment." She had to admit, she found herself amused by the way the Sidhe could hold onto hatred for centuries, only to pass it onto their children who also held it for centuries. And it could only take something small to trigger old feuds, the Aesir knew well.

The mention that the Jarl of Alfland had been in part a co-plotter of this plan was interesting, though Linnéa was certainly pleased to hear of the idea for at least the Vanaland Hold to gain a hold of the Ice Sea. She supposed their neighbours could be gradually coherced in time. Her mind ticked with possibilities but she remained in the present and had another drink from her tankard before she spoke again.

"So what is it that the Jarl of Alfland wishes to 'offer' to us, Aleksander? Colour me intrigued so far, but when sharing a bounty one must be careful, mustn't they."
07-17-2013 08:39 PM
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