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[Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead)
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Garik Henrinson Offline
The Iron Folk

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Tribe: Jotunland
Clann: The Heimdallingar
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RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead)
As they approached, Garik himself was adjusting to the new surroundings. While his family had been sending letters to inform him of things, the fact they had pushed this far east had been surprising. He had his doubts and suspicions upon their new traveler, his surname ringing a bell vaguely, but until he could confirm with his father it would be a hard pressed event to prove anything unlawful about him.

He looked to the roads curiously as they walked, more compressed earth if anything. As to what caused them, if they had been down south he could possibly guess, but he construction up here had been something he was not in full detail of. He looked to the fort ahead, smiling lightly. "Seems we are close. Did we have plans to stop and rest up before heading off to the main stronghold? Might be best before seeing my father on short notice."

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07-28-2013 03:49 PM
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Adolf Arvidson Offline
The Iron Folk

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Tribe: Jotunland
Clann: The Heimdallingar
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RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead)
A slight itch of nervousness was felt through his being the rest of the trek through the mountainous trail. His eyes would briefly fall upon the Sidhe woman, disguised under the cover of wandering eyes, watching the horizons for any raiders ready to pounce on their small band. Adolf was not one to hold a prejudice against Sidhe, he was more liberal-minded in the way he viewed Sidhe than his brothers and sister; however, now he had an anger boiling behind the calm sea of steel gray of his eyes against that woman. Yet, he slightly admired the quick wit of the woman.

Reining in his wily mare, he slowed his steeds speed to a simple trot once they saw the fort of the Ironswift. Adolf gritted his teeth as the mare pranced around, anxious at going at such a slow pace, and dug his heels into the beasts' side trying to get the mare back under control. The problems the mare caused him most of his journey since leaving Vuurhaard made him miss the rock hard obedience and strength that he felt when mounted upon his Aesir Warhorse.

Nodding, as he looks upon the fort, "Ay, I agree with you there Garik. I think we should find some shelter and continue on at daybreak."
08-04-2013 06:32 AM
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