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Evil Eyes: A post The Mummy Returns RPG
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Evil Eyes: A post The Mummy Returns RPG
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Evil Eyes: The Mummy is a post The Mummy Returns Role Playing Game set a year after the duology. The High Priest Imhotep is back, this time resurrected by the Djed—the descendants of his priests—in order to locate the Karawan Amulets, two powerful amulets created by the Egyptian Gods Hathor and Set for Pharaoh Seti I during ancient times. In 1934, new participants are summoned by fate to partake in a deadly globetrotting race that initially began in ancient times for the amulets.

Tension amongst the O'Connell-Medjai parties couldn't be any thicker. With their separation, coupled with the failed searches for the Setesh Amulet, the Djed and Imhotep and Anck-su-namun were able to arrive in Killarney, the Republic of Ireland completely undetected by both parties.

As if things couldn't worsen, turmoil erupted at the O'Connell-Medjai stronghold shortly after the Djed announced their arrival with a messenger and package. News of the Medjai genocide in the Sahara spread throughout the inn; and eventually, news of bloodshed spread throughout Killarney, but the full details are still unclear to the locals. The drums of war are not only louder than ever for both clans, but the time our teams have to locate the amulet in Killarney is quickly running out. Where does the next step of the journey lead?
  • Based on The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.
  • Genre: Historical fantasy epic.
  • Knowledge of the series is not required to participate (we also provide everything you need to know on our website), and neither is knowledge of the time period. However, players should be willing to learn.
  • Current Setting: Killarney, the Republic of Ireland. 1934.
  • Accepts canons, original characters and we offer adoptions.
  • No word count.
  • Rated L3-S2-V3 on the RPG Rating system.
10-05-2013 07:16 PM
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