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With Plans and Actions there is always a Reaction
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Aleksander Norgaard Offline
The Iron Folk

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With Plans and Actions there is always a Reaction
Date: 1st of Einmanudur | 1722 ATA
Time: Afternoon
Weather: Brisk, Cloud Banks

"Keep it to mind lands, we aren't here to gamble 'er drink. Heads down, an' see to bein' it we get tha' supplies right quick." Aleksander nodded before dismissing the score of men to their duties. They had landed recently at the shores of the trade post and had been briefed on their duties here. Most were as grimly dressed perhaps in the dim coloring of their gear as the weather, but all the more for it. It helped discouraging the lounging or idling between the stalls to get down to business.

He made his way up the steps towards the central Longhouse, the keep of the town to which had defended against even his own Aett when it came to blows in years past. they were as he recalled on nominal terms (when the pirates assist you it tends to become this) but he now knocked upon the door of the keep with the side of his fist.
06-16-2013 10:06 AM
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RE: With Plans and Actions there is always a Reaction
Aleksander was let inside after several moments by a smaller Aesir with thinning hair but wore still the customary studded leather jacket over his long sleeved tunic. "Sir. Your request has been approved, please come inside."

As Aleksander stepped inside, he was led to one of the larger rooms to where sat three Aesir; two mae, one female. The woman sat in between the two, considering the man who has stepped in with a pair of amber eyes near akin to a wolf's. "You have much in the way of boldness Hovding of Utanstand. Tell me, what is it that you arrive at our home port so far away from your own business?" Her eyebrow lifted slightly, her hands resting gently on her thighs. Each wore a chainmail shirt on her flanks, while she herself was resting in comfortable leathers that covered her legs and chest, leaving her arms exposed and her blond hair in their complex braids wrapped about and behind her head.
06-26-2013 05:10 AM
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