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Ready for Review! Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór
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Child of Danu

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Tribe: Clann Raven
Clann: Ua Morrigan
Occupation: Raven Taoiseach

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Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór
Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór

[Image: scale.php?img=Mi85LzEvNS8xLTg0MDkyMjYtMj...4c8497d1ac]

Age: 231
Gender: Male
Race: Sidhe
Class: Tiarna Ard (High Lord)
Tribe: Clann Raven
Clan: Ua Morrigan
Political Status: Scathan
Occupation: Chieftain of Clann Raven

Combat / Magic:

Magical Skills
  • Master of Wind Charms - Niall has become skilled in summoning controlling wind currents and combining wind and water magic to create lightning.
  • Master of Water Charms - Niall is skilled in the usage of freezing and using water in cold temperatures.
  • Master of Body Charm - Niall is skilled in usage of morphing aspects of his physiology and in some cases those of others. He tends to stick to minor changes and humanoids rather than lesser animals in chosen form.

Weapon Skills
  • Witchwood Spear (Master) - Niall excels in spear combat especially with his favored found shield. Though he does weaken on the shield arm thanks to an old injury. His favored spear is An Fhiachra, a black lacquered shortspear made out of witchwood.
  • Bronze Short-Sword (Deadly) - Not nearly as skilled as his favored weapon, the Spear, he is still however able to hold his own in hand to hand with a sword sword.
  • ShortBow (Deadly) - Niall is a decent shot with a shortbow. He uses Bronze arrow heads.

Niall is decent at calvary combat, but prefers to fight from a chariot and has often trained in the ritualistic chariot combat often depicted in the murals of his home Dun.

  • Bronze Scale Panoply - Niall wears a shirt of thick shining scale mail in combat and combines it with a set of vambraces.
  • Bronze Scale Skirt - To defend his legs and worn over padded leather.


The best way to describe Niall is to begin with his face. Lightly tanned skin is set over a fine boned face showing a great smile, and mischevious violet eyes. His dark black hair is usually worn long down to his neck and frames well with his straight nose and finely pointed goatee. Niall is favorable to short clean moustaches unlike other warrior Sidhe, and has generally kept himself clean looking when it comes keeping his facial hair in check. Preferably Niall wears his hair back tied into a braid that is then held in place by a set of silver ring clasps engraved with the names of his loved ones. Around his neck is always the golden torq of the Chieftain.

Along with his finely white teeth it can be said by some that Niall cuts a strange eery character when dressed in the formal raven feather mantle of the Clann Raven chieftain. Bodily the man possess a tall frame (he is at least six feet and two inches tall) and muscular upper body born from years of combat. His left shoulder bears a ugly scar from when his mother nearly tore it off his torso for insulting her, and his chest is littered with sword cuts from years of fighting. Niall prefers to wear a simple leine or tunic over his chest and generally a clocha over his shoulder when not bearing the formal mantle of Taoiseach.

Niall's hands are large and calloused from years of work. On one he wears a silver ring engraved with a stylized sun emblem. On the other hand he wears a bronze ring engraved with a raven.

Around the mans waist is a belt made from fine leather and embroidered with the emblem of his Clann. Several lines in Ogham are written in the belt declaring his loyalty to the old way, and yet his desire to see new ideas introduced into the High Kingdom. At his side he generally carries a witchwood sword that was carved for him during the Great Clann War as a badge of his office (aside from the Torq) and as personal protection. When in combat Niall wears a bright vest of bronze scale mail and a skirt of scale to protect his legs.

In general he prefers a set of trews rather than a kilt which he only wears for formal occasions. In general like his upper body his legs are well muscled and speak of yaers of battle, running and in general exertion. Scars and cuts from previously healed wounds are common placed and there are a few injuries that still partially plague him to this day. The most notable being pained knee which will push him on stormy days.

Finally the man's choice of foot wear tends to favor sturdy leather booths to riding boots depending upon the purpose. Because of the thick underbrush of the Great Coill he prefers sturdy shoes that allow him to grip and scale the distance of forest floor with ease.


Niall can be described in various words as whimsical, as ruthless, as iron willed, and as devious. All these words apply to the multi-faceted individual that arose after the death of his mother during the Great Clann War to become the Chieftain of the united warrior Clanns of the Raven. Niall's original goals for life were much more hedonistic than they are in the modern era. Once he was nothing, but a playboy, a man seeking the next pair of breast and spread thighs. That time ended when his mother beat it out of him. Over time he grew into the man he was before the Great Clann War. A lord seeking identity under the harsh gaze of his temperamental mother.

One thing that many might find strange about Niall is when he speaks he often has the queer sense of never being direct. He will pose questions, and answer them in a manner that just seems to be another question. This way of speaking to some is inherent in his ancestor's tendency of trickery and outright deception. Some people have even called him a tricksy sort as it was Niall who first pushed forward supporting the Ua Macha in their gamble to create Witchwood.

This plays into the next part of personality that being the desire of gambles. Even if he has grown up since his mother nearly tore his arm off the lad that loved to revel in dice, and play high stakes games has not gone away. If it were not for this he would never made a move to become the short termed consort of the Banrion Ard, nor would have had come to father a child who started a war.

When it comes to vices, Niall is well known for his womanizing and in other cases his drinking. In general some have come to consider him a loud mouthed druankard. Those who do so are often the ones hiding on the outskirts of his personal circles making judgements. Is Niall an uncouth indidivudla? Sometimes yes he is quite lacking in tact. Part of this is from his peoples warrior past, few Raven stand tact when you need to fight! Niall's nature however does not lend itself to blunt statements as he would rather play the game for the high throne than create feuds over a small word.

One of NIall's major aspects is the chess like manner in which he attacks politics. Every minute he works with others he's arranging the pieces of the game in his head. Ever question while not planned is part of the move to arrange pieces in his favor. Niall sees the game for the high throne as another bit of war. Those in his way will be cast aside and those aiding them put to grass.

Sides the drinking and the love of high stakes, Niall is prone to pranks and tricks. It is not easy for him to resist pulling something when he can. this is what led him once to cut off the dress of former High Throne Candidate Aine, which resulted her in riding through the capital nude one night.

Niall's connection to the Scathan Court is not common knowledge nor is his silent support of the Heron in the Inish. This decision arose after he saw the bloodshed nearly rip apart the High Kingdom during the CLann War. After so many long years backing whatever Court suited him he is once again doing the same. Whatever political allegiance that keeps his Clanns afe and his skin without being harmed, is what he is likely to support. This slippery nature is not without honor. Niall honestly believes the merits of some present in the Scathan, and the high stakes nature of his life has only served to exacerbate his interest.

The final factor important to Niall's nature is his deviousness. Although being a master in body Charms Niall is not at all a Puca. In fact he rarely changes his full shape perferring to use it for minor bits of combat, or for targets in question. The truth is that Niall employs it as a means to disappeared targets, and as a means of punishment. This devious result was born from experience during the Great Clann War when he watched Sidhe indiscriminately wipe each other out in mass killing. After watching an entire massacre of a village of a village by enemy Soldiers. Niall had ordered the combatants not put to death, but turned into cattle. Their flesh would feed the next generation.

This vindictive and deviant side of him is directly related to the internal anger of the Morrigan. The very same goddess who in mortal legend caused the death of so many for insulting her or questioning her rule.


Over two centuries ago, Niall was brought into the world. The result ofa failed attempt at quelling war between two Morrigan villages the which had been fueding for forty-five years. The resulting clann war saw the ruling family of the Ua Morrigan battling for its existence when the Taoiseach was suddenly poisoned by an iron arrow. This was the tumultuous life that began with training and teaching.

Even as babe Niall was placed in front of combat trainign as a means to absorb the information. It never really worked, but even to this day the man claims to have heard battle and the clashing of weapons when his mother led troops as she carried him to term. The first few years of his life to this day are a blur. At the age of six he was placed within an a small arena and told to fight. Years later he would finally best his opponents and begin training in squad tactics.

Much of the child's early life was with private Ollamh tutors and warrior instructors. Around the time he entered Acadamh he was training under the Ridire of the Ua Morrigan and learning to drive a chariot into battle. Throughout his young years Niall would find the usage of a short sword to be an effective, but would find that he excelled in the usage of the spear. Though only showing some aptitude in the skill he would come to better later on.

Around the age of fifty long after surviving the Acadamh the Sidh found his Sept once again embroiled in another clann war. This time the rival Fine, the RavenEye, were attempting to unseat his mothers, the Blackbird. The war would wage as an ongoing feud between the two Fine for nearly ten years when finally a the Brehon an Tuath of Eire interceded at the time. Because the war was causing so much bloodshet in the northern counties of the Morrigan, the other Raven Clanns had united and for the intercession. After a lengthy trial the leaders of the RavenEye were found guiltiy of fingal, a strange fact discovered as the lesser lords of the household had murdered their own kin to gain power.

After the executions of the murders, Niall was privy to the council called by the Cennfine of the Morrigan at the time. After his mother once again cemented her power, she sent her son (not yet the Tanaiste) to foster with members of the Ua Nemain. His time with the Nemain only to serve to increase the young boy's growing sense of independence. After watching the carnage of the clann war he spent time relaxing and cavorting with cousins in the Ua Nemain.

The age of a hundred would see the young lad out of Acadamh fighting alongside his country men against raids from Alba. Once again clann war erupted in the lands of the great Coill. The fighting between the various Fine along the bordered would last until a temporary peace treaty would be signed years later. As Niall's prowess in combat increased and his command grew, he came to believe over time that his rule would be better sought for the entire Ua Morrigan.

It was at the age of a one hundred and fifteen that his life would begin to change. In a fit of pure youtful idiocy the young man challenged his own mother for the seat of the Ua Morrigan. The ensuing fight would lead to his mother jabbing a spear into the young lad's neck and almost severing it his let should from his upper torso. Afterward his mother, Sorcha Uí Mórrígan-Mór, had the young man placed in a hospice to heal. Even with the regenerative abilities of the Sidhe the wounds would take nearly a month or more to heal. Even then the arm would remain slightly weaker and a wicked scar existed along the area of his left shoulder for years to come.

The duel was the first of many actions that would lead the eventual maturation of the man known as Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór. Said maturation would take another few years as he would find himself soon facing the Gathering of the Ua Morrigan itself. Sorcha's reign had brought much glory and battle to the children of the Phantom Queen, but it was time proclaimed the Cennfine of the realm. It was time for her to select a second to rule alongside her. Reluctant to even consider it the woman eventually chose her son as candidate for the Tanistry.

Niall's position as Tanaiste would come with more complications as the growing rift between him and his mother only proved greater than before. Fifty years passed and the young prince of the Raven slowly grew into a man to be reckoned with. Years spent representing the Ua Morrigan in the City of Mists. Where he had once thought the politics and the game of thrones within the Coill were dead, he had never begun to think of the amassed terror that was the capital. One night after railing against the growing power of local Order of Iron gangs he found himself assailed by a mob. The mob itself was actually a distraction. As the city Gardai arrived to deal with the situation an band of assassins attempted to slash the prince and his cadre of warriors with iron bound weapons.

In the ensuing fight, Niall was hurt badly, but was able to decapitate one of the attackers before he found himself overtaken. The fight would lead to Niall's near death the mortal wounding of one of his men. The Raven Prince would survive the attack and would eventually lead a covert counter-attacking against the Iron Gang in question, the Bally Dock Barons. For the death of one of his men, Niall strung up the culprits outside the city after he had them beheaded slowly with rusty cleavers.

It was this growing vindictiveness that would come to force the lad to mature. By the time the race for the throne culminated in the reign of Queen Aine Branrion Ard, Niall was already working his way to gaining more. The truth was during all of this time Niall had been creating a power base. At the age of one hundred and sixty years of age Niall was already making several cover plans throughout the High Kingdom. Using gold gained in a weapons enterprise he had fueled in the Great Coill he also invested thousands in the development of a secret project being overseen by an Ua Macha druid. This project would culminate years later into the invention of witchwood.

Now as he rose as the true backer of his mother's rule the worst thing could happen, the Great Clann War. The child that sparked the war Seren, was his. It was strange for Niall to arrive the day after learning of his Witchwood Project and then hear how his daughter was nearly killed in a plot headed by the Ua Flidais. Few could could have then predicted that Niall himself would have charged into the estates of the local Ua Flidais representative to then impale their Tanaiste in the middle of a tea discussion of politics.

Was it Niall who started the Great Clann War, no it was not. The Raven Prince's actions were merely that of a high vindictive and protective father. Months afterward the Flidais, and the the Ua Lir would declare war against the Clanns of the Seleigh Court. Civil war erupted within the Great Coill as Sorcha fought long and hard to reign in the power of her defiant Ua Babd Clannsmen. The Ua Nemain even for a time refuse to fight for the Raven Queen as her son ventured back to his home county to harbor the High Queen. There he would spend the next several years overseeing the defense of his daughter, Seren, and the woman he had come to respect as teh former ruler of Cels.

However, the Great Clann War would leave little time for niceties as the Taoiseach of the Ua Morrigan was slain by an Iron arrow (the second such attempt) in an ambush in the Great Coill. Once again the traitors of the passed had resurfaced as Alban agents played the internal feuds of the Raven Clanns against each other. It was in that moment that after he learned the news that Niall rose slowly from the bed where he slept and let out a great keen of anguish. Grasping his might spear he made his way to the stables below. In the middle of the night the Raven prince roused the warriors of Clann Morrigan still loyal to Fine Fiach-Dubh (Blackbird). Proclaiming the ancient oath of blood price he personally led his men and women into the heart of the enemy town and pulled the local lord out by his hair.

"IRON IS DEATH!" he said as the man beheaded the lord on the spot for his complicity in the plot to kill Sorcha. Afterward Niall led a brutal, but methodical campaign that unified the warring Coil-Folk under the bloody banner of the newly formed Great Clann Raven. Years into the Clann War the Raven would enact a series of bloody reprisals not only against the Albans of Clann Sea Dragan, but would also secretly lead assisted a force of Ua Lugh when the Sept made its attack on the Wolf's Harrow. It was throughout the Clann War that Niall would become known for his ruthless application of punishment.

During one raid by Flidais soldiers along the borders of Macha territory, an entire Baile was laid to waste. Capturing the remaining individuals Niall had them all turned into cattle to provide milk for the towns rebuilding. The screams of the individuals as they lost their sense of sentience was relished by the man as he set the new heard to the town's local tiarna. It was also during this time that the man began to build a network of spies throughout the lands of the High Kingdom. This network would not truthfully however be solidified until the Raven signed a treaty with the newly grown Clann Fox.

Niall was reaching his second century of life when the agreement of Clann Fox saw him battle former allies he once had among Clann Elk. It was in that battle that the war chariots of Clann Raven routed the great Elk Riders of the Ua Brigid. The field in which these cavalry men fell is known as the Elk Bleed. A memorial to their valiant charge was placed in that area as the Raven respect any willing to stand their ground. Around the coming of the Aesir Niall found himself on steadying ground. The arrival of the northmen along with their feared iron weapons only served to escalate the end of the Great Clann War.

Strangely enough as the Aesir longboats landed on the outskirts of the Coill the Taoiseach of the Raven unleashed his warriors upon the oncoming ironbound soldiers. Even though the losses threatened to be great, Niall had spent years working with the great tree tenders of the Ua Macha on the newest development in armor material for the High Kingdom, witchwood. Originally a plan to cement his position as consort for the High Kingdom, the carefully kept secret was revealed to the other Raven septs and finally the rest of the Great Clanns.

It was during the time of the Great Clann War that Niall took in a young Nemain warrior by the name of Strykkar as a foster-son. Seeing the child's lack of a father Niall strove to provide what his own father had lacked. After years of training the Nemain joined the Taoiseach's retinue as a champion of the Raven, a Laoch of the Clann, guarding the Chieftain's family personally as a trusted brother-in-arms.

For years Niall would watch silently as the Clann War raged across the lands of Cels and finally was ended with a surprise invasion from the North. The Aesir appeared out of no where and for a year or two raided the coasts of cels. It was a few years into t he raids that full fledged invasion caused the eventual unification of the Clanns. Stubbornly the Chieftains turned their armies towards the Northmen and forced the signing of a treaty of trade. Afterward Niall and his people retreated to the Great Coill to plan his next move.

Recent history has seen Niall spend most of his time making silent and protracted moves across the high kingdom. He has through several backroom trades started to fund expeditions to the lands of Cymru, and Prydain. The man has also sent emissaries to Clann Heron supposedly to fund an expedition to Tartessos to re-open trade with the people of the fabled island Kingdom.

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RE: Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór (WIP)


Alright, awesome! Let's start going over things! Skipping pleasantries!!!

Minor things, you forgot to list off the materials for his weaponry in the combat section, and should add his armor and shield to that part as well, just so we have the easy-access list...

Body and Mind are excellent. I'd forgotten how much of a tricky bastard Niall was...

History, though... *steeples fingers* You need to chat with Lily about some of this, particularly the part about Niall leading the Lugh on the attack on Wolf's Harrow, since I believe there's some clash on perspective between you two on how that one worked out, and I want to see that ironed out because it's a pretty big potential hangup.

Tracking back up, where the start of the Clann War is mentioned, there's a bit with an OOC note left in that you may want to fix, and the tail end of the history section - the paragraph before the final sentence - summarizes the two before. Another readthrough/edit run might help fix that.

Aside from that, we're golden! Big Grin
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RE: Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór (WIP)

Welcome to Altear, remember to claim your face.
04-24-2013 12:10 PM
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