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The Districts of the City
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The Districts of the City
Districts of the City

The City of Cathair Ceochán was founded centuries ago, when Prince Nuada first comissioned the Stone of Fal to be made on the eve of his victory against the Fomori. Setting the stone into the ground, the court of the High was held upon the hill for years afterward. Over time the City of Mists sprung up around the court as the great fortress of Dun Cels was built around the Stone of Kings and the great oak known as the Vision Tree.

Cathair Ceochán is a concentric city surrounded by several great districts built along the shores of air. Each is the walled in by the great defensive outerwall of the city and then separate by a line of guard posts to keep the districts from bleeding into each other.

Dun Cels - The Chief's District
The central district is built around the area surrounding Dun Cels. This is the Chief's or political district. Here there are many pubs, and local 'clubs' dedicated to the ongoing political scape of the City and the country at large. Dun Cels itself is a large squarish granite built fortress stemming hundreds of feet above the city skyline. The great gates of the fortress are made of bronze and silver. Engraved with several scenes depicting the Tuatha De Danann and the defeat of the Fomori.

Gentry Lane - The Lord's District
Gentry Lane is so named after the common colloquialism among the lesser classes of Cels for the upper ranking nobility of the High Kingdom. Gentry Lane is strange in that it is a large walled off section of the city filled with small elegant estates, standard with small forests and brooks. Each family and Clann has its own section and often keep to specific areas of the Lane in an effort to prevent gang war in the city.

Bally Docks - The Common District
The Bally Docks is located on the eastern side of the city wedged between the Bright Market and Utanstead. It is home to the shipping and fishing sector and also where most commoners live in the city. Filled with several piers, shipyards and large apartment complexes. It is home to several street gangs and is said to be connect to the slum area many often called the Dark market.

Bright Market - The Trade District
The Bright market is a large open bazaar built ona raised section of the city held over the slum area that many often call the Dark Market. Home to endless stalls and many different mongers and hawkers, it is the center of trade for the entirety of the High Kingdom.

Dark Market - The Slums
The Dark Market is the notorius under slum build near the Bally Docks and the Bright Market. It is home to the legendary Dark Lords or the Tiarna Dorcha who rule the Criminal orders of Cels. The gangs of this area are qutie dangerous and rule the poor district with an iron fist, as slavery auctions are secretly conducted and opium dens are rampant in the district.

Utanstead - The Foreign District
A homestead build recently after the second invasion of Cels by the Aesir, this is the infamous Foreign District of the city of mists. Walled off from normal Sidhe only diplomats and a chosen few are allowed to enter into this area which is built in a docking section to allow foreign traders and ships to enter. Ruled separately from the rest of the city is is overseen by a Holder sent by the Holds of Norland and guarded by a full cadre of Aesir warriors.
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