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The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups]
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Edana Uí Clíodhna Offline
Child of Danu

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RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups]
Corrigan's determination almost made Edana feel somewhat comforted, though in the back of her mind she still felt that it would be best if she eventually went on her way, despite his protests. Why he seemed to be so against it was a question she'd have to ask another time, but for now she just smiled and chuckled softly. She tilted her head when he started stammering a little, raising a brow, "Its no imposition. You're paying for my room as it is." If anything, she'd feel better if he wasn't sitting outside in the corridor.

Smiling softly, Edana clasped his hand in both of hers and rested her chin lightly on Corrigan's shoulder while he seemed to be falling over his words. Her brow furrowed and she had to hold back from chuckling, "I wouldn't suggest it if it was a bother. It just seems to make better sense than you sitting outside my door." She then shrugged and glanced downward slightly, "And besides, I trust you. And you... kind of help me feel safer."

It was Edana's turn to blush, though she was certain it was only because she hated to admit to feeling weak or scared. From what she could tell though, Corrigan was hesitant for some reason, and she wondered if she'd made him uncomfortable.

"Unless you don't want to..." The woman let go of his hand and stifled a small yawn, and then it hit her that perhaps there was a reason why he didn't want to be in the same bed as her. For all her time here, she hadn't even considered if maybe Corrigan had a woman and she was glad that her cheeks were partically hidden by her hair, "Danu alive, I'm sorry, I didn't even consider if you had a lady... I wouldn't want to get you in trouble or something."

Biting her lip, Edana stepped back a little, "I didn't mean to seem inappropriate... sorry." With a small nod, she then turned to walk back toward the stairs, feeling somewhat embarrassed.
07-28-2013 06:19 AM
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