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The Art of War [Niall]
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Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór Offline
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RE: The Art of War [Niall]
The moment Cathasach entered Niall was informed by a servant. The man was dealing with last minute details about the recent Clann War with select Families among the Ua Badb Gentry. Reports had come in by courier of fires near the witchwood groves and a direct threat against the Raven's monopoly on the precious trees. That alone had the Raven Chief nearly ripping his goatee off as he paced around in his solar. However, the rules of hospitality demanded he attend to the lord down in his meeting room. Such were the ways of Host and Hearth and to break them would bring ill fate upon him and his family. To be truthful, Niall needed all the good luck he could get at the moment! HE took a moment to get some spiced ale into him and downed the stein quickly. A bit of Swan Courage eh? I think Ryol Taoiseach has a bigger wine sellar than me. He thought as he made his way out of the solar and outside.

The climb down from the top of the tower was brisk and without incident. Several guards joined Niall as he exited the stairway and flanked their lord. His dress was the typical Raven High Mantle of feathers laced with martin hair along the fringe. A golden torque twisted to feature twin cawing ravens on either end was around his neck as the entered the room with Cathasach. Glancing at the heavily armored Fox guards he threw back his head with a laugh and said.

"Cath lad, good to see you come through my dreary forest. I apologize for the little fight along the way, some upstarts in the south think it is fine to kill people over blood quality amount. Seems I may have to put some folk to hanging and beheading for their ill-ways." His blunt and frank words were typical Raven fashion, never lie and get to the point. Niall was given a mug of fine ale as he then sat at the table where the Fox Chieftain was waiting.

"So I hope you like witchwood, its a hard to create material and the trees take years to grow. It it is better than Sky Iron and holds magic like no other."

He waited then in silent, his face keeping a slight smirk on it. His mind arranging the game pieces as necessary.

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06-26-2013 09:12 PM
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