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Bright Eyes, Bright Market [Open] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 05-11-2013 06:55 PM

Date: Beltaine | 5th of Crann | 1722 ATA
Time of Day: Late Morning, Early Afternoon
Weather: Mild, a little chill, sun visible through cloud cover.
Location:The Bright Market
The market was a bustling rush of colours, as Sidhe of every stripe and shade explore the various stalls and sights. From the sweet scent of mulled wine and sweet fruit to the rich scent of roasting meat, to the charming toys scattered about in one stall, to the array of gleaming weaponry in another, it was a market day like any other.

The rush and bustle was a common enough sight, for Blair – there was nothing quite like it to make her feel she was truly home again, after a long trip, and this day was no exception. True, it was possible she should have taken her time taking over her stall once more from one of her varied associates, but there was little the woman liked better than to actually do her own work. Something about the bustle of the crowd, and the act of finagling the highest price she could from a customer without bringing down their ire simply made everything worthwhile.

Still, there were others to teach, today, Finley, her youngest child, and another young Sidhe learning the ropes behind her, watching her barter and bargain with interest – one who’d be taking over a stall, on and off, in the near future, between other jaunts, though for not the question of Dark Market or Bright was yet to be decided. Still. They seemed clever enough, and Blair was willing to teach – aside from the young girl next to her student, her own children didn’t take as much interest in the hands-on of actual mercantile work, and the closest who could come to it was her youngest, who was still a bit too young to properly take up her mother’s above-board trade.

No matter. There was time enough for that in the future.

At current, however, it was time for business, and the woman beamed, broadly, at the passerby.