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Alethea Vestergaard - Alethea Vestergaard - 09-04-2013 06:16 PM

Alethea Vestergaard

[Image: vmagazine.jpg]

Race: Aesir
Class: Holder-Jarlessa
Tribe: Jotunland
Clan: Skadungar
Religious Status: Frigg Allmother, Loki the Trickster
Political Status: Black Oak

Occupation: Jarlessa of Jotunland

Combat / Magic:

  • Summoning Animals(Hedge) - While Alethea inherited the innate ability of Skadungars to tame animals, she had learned to summon animals at the age of 5. She followed her father’s ritual clumsily but despite that, she was able to summon small animals. Shocked by his daughter’s early onset of the summoning ability, she was sent to the nearest tutor for apprenticeship. She was however too young to be interested and the pressure from her parents turned her off completely into learning the craft. She shied away from it until she accidentally summoned a pack of wolves because of her anger. She secretly approached her tutor about it and asked if the offer was still open. She trained for a few months before she was forced to work on her swordsmanship since her parents thought she was not inclined to the craft.
  • Possession of Animals and Humans(Hedge)-Along the way, Alethea learned possession. She easily took possession of small animals but declined to take on humans and bigger animals. She was afraid of losing herself to the possessed. She also shied away from this ability even if she knew her strength lies in it.
  • Enhance Potions(Hedge)

  • Unarmed(student) -The young Jarlessa wavered when it came to unarmed combat. While it did not matter for she always had a weapon with her, it was imperative that she learned what she can in martial arts. She trained under the watchful eye of her mentor, Bane, and he pushed her to her limits. Often times, she'd walk out in the middle of a session only to come back the day after for a more extensive regime.
  • Archery(student) -Her mother was a skilled archer but she did not inherit this. Alethea tried to learn what her mother can teach only to succumb to
  • Cavalry training(blooded) -
  • Light armor training(blooded) -
  • Swordsmanship(Deadly) -

  • Sky Iron Claidheamh Mòr - 75% Sky Iron. A two-handed longsword. Hilt and scabbard. Alethea's primary weapon.
  • Tin Iron Mail Set
    • Brigandine
    • Hauberk
    • Vambrace
    • Greaves
  • Tin Iron Buckler
  • Sycamore Bow and Custom Arrows
  • Black Bronze Jewel-adorned Stiletto- 29% Iron. "Originally designed as a purely offensive weapon, the stiletto was used to finish off a fallen or severely wounded heavily armored opponent. The needle-like blade could easily penetrate most mail or find its way through gaps in a plate armor, and was narrow enough to pass through the eye slits of the helms. A severely wounded opponent, who was not expected to survive, would be given a "mercy strike". Alethea preferred the stiletto as her secondary weapon as it was easy to conceal inside her cloak and it can easily penetrate clothing. This jewel-adorned stiletto is very much able to mortally wound anyone who mistaken it as an accessory to the Jarlessa's outfit.
  • Protective Black Cloak-concealment
  • Vestergaard Dagger-used for ceremonial purposes


Please write out a description of what your character looks like.

Also include their basic attire and also give an indication of physical strengths and weaknesses.
"The clothing for women is similar to men’s in that it was often made from either linens or wool. Generally a woman wore an ankle length skirt that died to one color. Another overskirt might be worn in an apron-like fashion held up by a pair of broaches. This overskirt was often called the hangerock because of its general design. A longer coat like over skirt was created that had a area cut around the chest to allow the display of the broaches.
Women often wore the same shoes as men, and their heads were generally covered with kerchiefs or shawls of some manner."
"Black Coat"
Agile and Light-tbc


Please write out a description of your characters personality.

" From this divine bloodline was born a woman able to travel days without food and skilled in killing any beast she could find. "
"Not only are they geared for hunting, they are also versed in animal lreo and are often known for taming various beasts found throughout Jotunland."-tbc

Please include mental strengths and weaknesses.-tbc


Please write out a description of your character's past and what made them who they are today.
Thea=Gift of God

"To place favorable nobility in power that will allow them to get what they wish from the Holds.
To track down and learn more about various magics across Altear to use against their enemies"

"A woman who began her power in mining the Star Iron fields of Jotunland, she arose because of her skill in combat. Some say she has connections to the Black Oak!"-tbc

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