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AU POWERFUL BEGINNINGS (LB) - Guest - 07-22-2013 12:54 PM



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"No. You were trying to get yourself killed, which is what this family does best is get killed. Isn't it obvious by now that our only destiny is to die? And you are making it way too easy for them, Phoebe. You are just walking right into it!"

Powerful Beginnings takes place in the year 2025. The Halliwell sisters have learned many things over the years. They learned about being witches, they learned about their past, about having another sister, and they overcame the death of many family members. Through it all the Halliwells remained close even when others took advantage of that closeness. After working very hard to protect the greater good, the sisters are once again united with another.. Prue Halliwell. At first Piper and Phoebe don't believe it and Paige herself has doubts never having met this sister she feels that demons are once again to blame.

However this time is different. The Elders have returned Prue, not as a witch but as a witchlighter. Paige who has never known the wiccan wonder must come to terms with the fact that her sister is a witch like she is, and only Paige could teach her the path of a whitelighter. Upon meeting the sisters Prue is placed into hiding for her own protection. Things work well for a few years, but soon the sisters agree to settle down and with children they must face the fact that they cannot do everything alone anymore. Now there is a new threat and the Elders have told the sisters that they must choose 6 children to carry on their legacy. How will the sisters come to terms with this?, and will they be able to give up their powers knowing the new threat is something even they cannot go up against?, magic is in the air in season 10.


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