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Anders and Adolf - The Abelone Homestead - Garnett - 07-12-2013 11:07 PM

The journey following the directions of the hooded rangers had been specific into the northwest part of Jotunland, near the Svartland border. The road gathering up into the homestead was a worn, old sort of thing-tended to with even a little bit of cutting clear from the path, but the woods themselves left upon it the memories of several decades upon them. It was deep within the woods that partook into both Holds and rested within a canyon wall that Abelone lay, only two paths in and out could be seen on each side of the canyon to enter the homestead. It was aside it's strange location a straight-forward homestead, built with palisade entrances on each side and a central sort of courtyard area in the center between them.

Most of the buildings were built into the rock, but a dozen stalls and two large wooden buildings stood in the center. One looked to be a Traveler's Tavern and Inn, while the other a storehouse with a stables attached. The town guards look at a glance to be of a score, but otherwise their main trade seems to be of mining and hunting in the surrounding countryside. They also seem to be much akin to the border, as the comical size difference between it's Jotunlander and Svartlander residents were apparent.

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