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The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Edana Uí Clíodhna - 07-11-2013 05:35 PM

Date: Lughnasadh | 15th of Bácáil | 1722 ATA
Time of Day: Some time after midnight
Weather: Mild, clear night, full moon! (awroooo!)
Location: The RedBird Inn

It had been almost two weeks since she'd arrived, a bloody ruined mess, and submitted to the care of a Ua Flidais who she'd once taken care of while he waited to steal his baby brother away, and an assassin who had been acting more like a mother hen toward the younger woman, thoroughly confusing her. While she'd seen the odd other person or few who seemed to inhabit the Inn, for the most part a lot of them seemed to be giving her space and trying not to spook her it felt. Not that it wasn't without reason. The first time she'd woken after passing out, Edana had freaked out completely before Corrigan managed to calm her and remind her where she was, not without receiving some cuts and bruises from the woman.

Tonight though, Edana had been contemplating for a couple of days, she was going to leave. There was just too much risk if she was found here; risk of being cornered in, risk of getting others hurt, risk of getting others involved at all and them finding out what she did, was, and the kinds of people she had been around for years. Not that she believed for a moment that this place was a simple Inn. There was something deeper beneath the surface here, but she didn't want to know. The less she knew, the better for everyone.

The problem was that due to perhaps a belief that she might just skip town, and the fact that she'd been required to keep her back bare in order for it to heal properly, she didn't have much in the way of clothing lying around. A loose nightshirt and some underclothes were all she had; she had even been told under no uncertain terms that she wasn't getting her daggers back until she was completely healed and recovered.

Edana decided she would just make do with what she had though, and would get her hands on whatever else she needed once she'd gotten away. With that in mind, she crept to her door in the darkness, illuminated only a bit by the slivers of moonlight that filtered through the curtains, and opened it. Glancing along the hallway, Edana went to take a step, only for her foot to be caught on a warm lump that was camoflaged in the darkness and laid out right in front of her doorway. Due to her momentum and the unexpected object, the woman bit her lip to keep from yelping as lost her balance and toppled.

A dull thud practically echoed along the hallway as she landed practically upside down against the opposite wall, due to having tried to curl into a roll and avoid a messy tumble. Her eyes also watered up slightly as pain spread through her back to the rest of her body as she realised what a bad idea that was. The woman gasped as she slid down to sit on the floor. trying to keep from rubbing her back

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Smiling Iron - 07-11-2013 06:10 PM

Corrigan had taken to keeping watch outside Edana’s door – and keeping a careful eye on her, too, when she was awake… bullying his younger brother ( and guilting his elder ) into keeping an eye on her while he ran errands for Blair…. Though he had only realized after the first week that his boss hadn’t asked for half as much from him as she usually did… not even a quarter, actually.

It wasn’t really a surprise that she had some idea of what was going on, but it was a little embarrassing all the same… though he’d mumbled a thank you, all the same, to the woman, when he’d seen her last, pink in the face and embarrassed… moreso by her quick scan and smirk, coupled with a ruffling of his hair and an assurance that she intended to have him make up for it later on.

All the same, this business of keeping his self-imposed watch over the woman was somewhat draining… and… well…

It was no wonder that he’d fallen asleep, at long last, sprawled in front of her door and curled up tight in his cloak… the foot to his back, and the sudden weight toppling down and moving away, however, brought him right back to wakefulness with a sharp little yelp.

He scrambled up to a sitting position, pushing himself up onto hands and knees, squinting in the darkness. “Edana? Are you okay?” He wrinkles his nose, and moves forwards, towards the other shape in the hall. “Is that you?”

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Edana Uí Clíodhna - 07-11-2013 06:31 PM

As she settled into sitting, Edana rubbed her head as she realised it was another person who was actually camped outside her room. She was still simply trying to keep from making some noise from the pain in her back. She was rather sure that the worst cuts were healed enough that they at least wouldn't tear open -- she hoped so anyway -- but that didn't mean it didn't hurt almost as much as being whipped again.

"Yes, its me. I'm fine," Edana's voice was quiet and slightly broken as she tried to simply take a few deep breaths. She didn't particularly want to move, though it seemed rather pointless now that she'd been caught. She hadn't really had a chance in the end. Well, maybe if she'd known he was there she could have stepped over him, but...

"Corrigan... why are you asleep outside my door?" The woman had to ask. It seemed rather odd for someone to do, especially since she was rather sure he had a room and bed here as well. Was he keeping an eye on her in case she tried to leave? That was a little concerning, though she wasn't sure she'd given any indication that she would try to sneak away. Taking a breath, she decided to try to stand, though hissed and paused as she felt a single sharp sting along one side of her back.

"Scit," Cursing quietly, Edana tried to reach around to check her back, finding the shirt a little damp. Looked like one of the worse cuts had reopened just a little. She sighed and glanced at Corrigan, "Help me up? I think I reopened a wound just a fraction."

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Smiling Iron - 07-11-2013 06:40 PM

"Uhm. Because I fell asleep?" He paused, in his motion, watching her silently, form backlit by what moonlight was coming in from the window in her room, before he scooches forwards a bit more, running one hand through his hair as he paused, moving onto his heels to crouch and look her over.


Sleeping outside someone's room could be seen as... kind of... yeah. He smiles, a little embarrassed, feeling heat rise to his cheeks and glad for the darkness hiding it, though his voice was a little flustered. "Uhm. Just making sure everything was okay, I guess. I figured if I stuck around and you woke up and needed anything I could go get it?"

He moved forwards again, to offer his hands, voice quiet and just a little concerned. "Do you want me to get any salve, or check on it? Does it hurt too bad?"

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Edana Uí Clíodhna - 07-11-2013 06:53 PM

"I guessed that part," Watching him a moment, Edana couldn't quite make out what he might be thinking as she straightened, though the way he continued seemed a little odd and she tilted her head curiously, unable to really make out his expression as he spoke, though it seemed like he was smiling at least. "So you... wait, have you been sitting outside my room every night?" She blinked as she watched him. It seemed off, otherwise, to randomly choose tonight to do so.

But still... almost more odd was the implication that he had been camping outside her room regularly.

As he reached down, Edana took the offered hands and stood back up, waving off the concern lightly once she was upright and had her hands back, "No, its not really bad, probably just one of the scars stretched or something." Talk of the scarring she knew she would have made her feel a little uneasy, especially since Corrigan had seen all of it.

"Its nothing I can't handle," Not compared to what she had been like, though she did shift her shoulders a little uncomfortably, "I might need a clean shirt later, is all..." Edana murmured quietly.

And then there was an awkward pause as she realised he would probably wonder what she was doing out here, considering she probably should have been resting or asleep, and the woman shuffled her foot slightly, feeling a bit out of place, "So, um..."

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Smiling Iron - 07-11-2013 07:05 PM

“What? No. Uhm. Not every night. Uhm. I made Dugan and Gourgy keep an eye out for you when I had to go and do some work.” He runs his hand through his hair, again, smiling slightly as he pulled her up, moving slowly and carefully and forgetting to let go of her hands once she was on her feet. “Oh. Just the- yeah. Alright. That… shouldn’t be too bad, then, right?”

He squeezed her hands, lightly, not even thinking about it. “Well, yeah, but if you try and reach your back you might open more of them up, right? I can go and get you another, clean shirt, though. Uhm.” He shifted his weight from foot to foot, watching her and blinking, slowly. “Did you want me to get you anything else? Like. Are you hungry?”

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Edana Uí Clíodhna - 07-11-2013 07:18 PM

"I'm sure he loved that," The woman had learned rather quickly that Dugan seemed a little less concerned with others, though maybe it was just her, she had only seen him a bit, and usually he would say or do something that had Corrigan flustered or up in arms and telling him to get out. She nodded slowly though when she was helped up, "Yeah, some stretching is bound to happen -- this... kind of thing doesn't heal all that prettily..." Her voice trailed off.

At least one thing edada was thankful for was the lack of questions over how she had come to be in the state she was when she arrived. The last thing she wanted to do was answer questions about that. And to that end, she had to keep her head in the present.

"I, uh... sure?" Edana blinked, though had noticed he was still holding her hands and was trying to think of a polite way to point it out until he mentioned food. The thought of it actually made her stomach seem to roll around inside her, even though her mind saw it as the opening she could use in order for her to sneak out while he was preoccupied.

"Um, maybe something to eat... I suppose... I am feeling a little hungry..." Speaking quietly, Edana glanced at her hands which were still being held while Corrigan seemed to fidget around a little, and she bit her lip before asking with an attempt at some jest, "Are you going to take my hands with you?"

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Smiling Iron - 07-11-2013 07:36 PM

"He's a brat who doesn't get half of what other people've been through on his account," Corrigan shrugs, a big, grumbly shuffle of his shoulders. "He can suck it up and do the rest of us a favor instead of complaining about it."

He wrinkles his nose, nibbling at his lower lip. "I'm gonna... uhm. I asked Evelyn if she had anything that might. Uhm, help, with those? More than the stuff we've been using otherwise... She said that there's a few things she could put together, if you wanted... uhm. She said it might not make them less tight - if they are? Uh. But. Uhm. That if they hurt, it could help?"

He looks down at her hands, again, then glances back up, voice a little more boisterous than usual, quietly teasing. "I might, if you want to get a look 'round the kitchen?"

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Edana Uí Clíodhna - 07-11-2013 08:03 PM

"At least you all seem happy here," Edana shrugged lightly, not really wanting to say anything bad about any of the people who had helped her so far. Dugan seemed lucky in that regard, that he'd been able to have a rather good life with his brothers and was well looked after. She'd not known what kind of life he'd have had otherwise, but she remembered seeing a skinny, shivering Corrigan without a home and trying to keep himself warm, and dragging him off to get him warmed and fed so he wouldn't end up sick.

"I, uh, thanks," The woman offered a small smile, already having some idea how much he'd probably been getting from others to help her. There'd been some salves and things used during the first week or so, and even recently, so she didn't want to complain about any small pains. It was still nothing compared to before. "I'll let you know if the pain is really bad," She added quietly.

Edana also hadn't really been expecting the returned teasing and opened her mouth a moment, almost to instantly protest going with him before she realised she couldn't really think of a good excuse, "I... I suppose I could?" She cursed inside her head, realising it messsed her chance of getting away cleanly.

As it stood, Corrigan still had her hands in his, and it was getting to the stage where Edana was feeling a little awkward just standing there holding hands, so going to the kitchen with him was better than trying to come up with reasons why not. She offered a small half smile, feeling a little abashed, and gave a small shrug, "So... uhm, I guess we shouldn't keep standing around here then." She would allow him to lead the way, following alongside him while hoping they wouldn't make too much noise (or at least more than they already had) and wake others up.

RE: The Moon That Breaks The Night [Wild Pups] - Smiling Iron - 07-11-2013 08:19 PM

"...yeah." Corrigan paused, then smiled, big and wide and genuine as he threw a quick glance down the hall, face briefly caught by moonlight, and his voice soft, happy. "It's not perfect, but it's a good life, and it's home, and people here are like family... It's why Dug's so spoiled, you know. Lots of folk keeping an eye out for us as we got older - just for Fal's sake, at first, then for both've us, all three of us...."

His mouth works, a moment, before he mumbles, embarassed. "...I was really worried that if something happened, that they'd turn me over to Dugan's dad, but..." He swallows, audibly. "They're real good folk, even if most of 'em can be scary. I can see why Fallyn stuck around. Don't have Fine aside from the three of us, you know, but the others tend to treat us like kin...most've 'em, anyway."

He trailed off, nodded. "Alright. Just tell me if there's anything I can do?"

He smiles, big and wide and toothy as Dana

Edana accepted her offer, released one hand and turned, gently leading her down the stairs, creeping into the kitchen in the dark - warning of creaking stairs( here and there, before the two found themselves in the kitchen, lit by glowing embers under the stewpot...

He pulls a chair out, pauses, twists it to one side so she can face the table without her back hurt their backs, and moved to stoke the fire back to lire with breath and sticks, murmuring quietly but happily about the stew and how it was always nice to eat back here...