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Faded Echoes TVD Season 3 AU [IF] - ~Kat~ - 07-07-2013 12:36 PM

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This is Faded Echoes, an AU Vampire Diaries RP that takes place a year after mid season 3, in May 2013. FE starts off after Homecoming, allowing the members to continue the story as they wish. We are an intermediate RP with a mandatory application and a 400 word count.

Elena Gilbert has a lot on her hands. Not only is she trying to get Stefan to come back from his Ripper ways, she also has to deal with Klaus, his family of vampires, and some really angry werewolves.

The original werewolf family is back in Mystic Falls, and they are looking for Mikael. After discovering his death, will the pack join Klaus? Or will they fight with the other vampires against him?

The original vampires have been woken up from their coffins. Some are excited to be back, others are looking for their brother, Klaus. How will their homecoming be received? How will they handle the newest additions to Mystic Falls?

In this war against Klaus, which side will you choose to stand for?

Find out, here at Faded Echoes.