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Redbird and Black [Niall] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 07-01-2013 10:00 PM

Date: Lughnasadh | 1 Bácáil | 1722 ATA
Time of Day:Early Evening
Weather:Warm, a little muggy.
Location:The Angry Woad, Cathair Ceochán

Blair's steps were quick and purposeful as she made her way through the streets of the Cathair Ceochán, her usual bright clothes replaced with far more somber toned cloth, simple off-white and gray, though she kept her habit of wearing trews instead of a long leine...and her own bright colours were far more drab, illusions masking her hair and features, wearing the same colours as her trusted second hand - eyes gray, hair black and tied back, expression somber to suit the rest of her appearance as she adjusted the simple knotwork brooch that held her cape in place.

She'd received a letter, not too long before, with a time and a simple request - to meet at The Angry Woad, and to come in disguise.... not the first time she'd received such a request, source unknown, but experience didn't make this time easier than any other. All the same...

Business was business, and secret, shadowed meetings were no new thing to the woman, though she was curious as to the purpose of this one, whether it was something illegal... or simply something secret. A request for information, perhaps? With all that went on in Cels, it wouldn't be too strange an occurrence...

She smiled, slightly, a carefully affected hint of faint, superstitious nervousness, hands moving in the ever-familiar pattern to ward off evil, long-memorized from Dorrell's habit, and scanned the room for a sign of where she was to go...and headed in to seek out the letter's source...

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór - 07-08-2013 12:51 PM

The day had come for him finally to meet up with the gang leader he had come to have a problem with. How he had evern come to know of Blair was a slight mystery unto itself. Niall could not even remember where the woman had first appeared in his life and become instantly a single presence of utter feckin' annoyance. The woman's family had someone insinuated itself into his own damn family. How the House of Blackbird had become filled with the problems of the Redbird had only utterly confused him. However, this very annoyance did not remove the fact that the Ironwoman was beyond useful for the coming storm. His plans had expanded to a point where he had to reach out to the woman and after many nights thinking over it had sent a message to the woman.

The message had read:
To Ironbird Wrote:To lady of the Birds of Iron,

There is a pressing issue growing in the Tuath Ard that we must discuss. This includes your expertise, and my backing and cannot be known to any, but you and I. Meet me at the Angry woad on the first of Bacail, in the early evening. I will find you.

The King of Rooks

After the letter had been delivered by courier the man had begun his arrival. There was no true way to arrive to a secret meeting so Niall had laid preparations far before the woman would receive the message. First a few Raven warriors were placed in areas nearby in case something happened and he readied himself with a few weapons, such as a slim bronze dagger to keep on his person in case someone decided to get funny. The truth was Niall was not at all worried about Blair, she was a known factor. It was someone from her gang, or worse someone from a rival gang who could become a problem for him.

There were many factors to cover, however at the point he arrived into the Woad his heart was pounding. Carefully he exhaled and walked toward he assumed he would meet her. He found a table in the back near a back door and one where he and the woman would be be disturbed. Niall then promptly sat down and waited.

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 07-11-2013 05:35 PM

Gray eyes scan the room, as she steps in, silent and searching, examining all those present – mostly folk settled together, debating politics and other affairs, not of any real interest to her… at the moment, anyway. She hadn’t bothered telling the others of the details – just that she had an affair to tend to, a matter of business – that if she didn’t return, that they could investigate a certain street… but that any who followed her into her meeting would be dealing with dire repercussions…

Which wasn’t to say that she didn’t have her own precautions in place, but she did well to preserve her business integrity, at the very least, respecting the desires of her potential ‘client’ – well, she presumed they were a client, with the letter’s contents.

She was quite curious to find out what the matter of business would be, truthfully… and while she was a little uneasy, years of meeting with apprehensive clients had given left her an old hand at clandestine meetings… and identifying those who could potentially be those unknowns she was to meet.

She grinned, slightly, as her gaze settled on a table at the back, with a lone man, settled near a back door… unlikely to have disturbance… a likely enough figure.

She played at wandering, before she made her way to the table, gray eyes wide, one hand playing with a copper ring in the shape of a bird – a rook – with the fingers of her other moving, quick and simple, into a sign of luck and blessing. She smiles, a little wanly – though her eyes sparkle with far more interest than worry. “Is this seat taken?”

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór - 07-14-2013 07:06 PM

The woman who appeared no matter how attempted to be disguised was Blair of the Iron Order. Niall had been waiting patiently silently thinking to himself for a time when the woman had suddenly appeared. There was something irrevocable about who and what Blair Ui Nemain-Slea was. In many circumstances, Niall had the woman watched ever since he had learned of her existence to his "woman's" involvement with her. The little gangster was a woman that Niall had come to dislike and on some level, abhor. However, circumstances were now playing against that original notion. The truth was NIall needed to speak to Blair because the plan he had in moion would require her expertise.

Now the fact alone that he would need to cast aside preconceived notions of warning and dislike for Blair was more than enough to make him want to smack himself. At this point though there was little futility in finding a problem with someone he had to speak with. Making a stink about things was no longer an option, simple as that. He watched her walk over (who he assumed was her) and take a seat where she asked, "No, its fer whoever is suppose ta be here. If that be ye, then sit down."

His words were not rude at all. They were slightly welcoming in fact in the tone he used. This was not a parley of wills as much as it wasa n offer set on the table so the woman could think. Niall looked over at the doors guarding the area where they stand. He flipped his hand and a current of air whipped past the newcomer and began to build behind each door. It would be a moment as he looked at the woman and said, "I hope you do not mind a lack of drinks this be a closed door offer."

The man then flipped his hand and made a circular motion and the air behind each suddenly pushed it shut and closed the two double doors.

"Sa this be the offer, ready?" he said as he laid down his hand flat on the table and took a breath, "I need ta procure some items, rare objects. Good pay, and also I'll ensure yer sons rise to the Tiarna class."

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 07-19-2013 11:22 AM

Blair’s head cocked, eyes gleaming calculation for a moment before she smirked and hooked the chair out with the heel of one booted foot, motions losing their nervous edge with the immediacy of a switch being thrown, dropping into the chair with an easy self-assurance and – apparently – unguarded manner, like a pard lounging in a patch of sun. “Well that entirely depends on who is it that’s supposed to be here, doesn’t it?”

She grins, cavalier and amused, grayed-out eyes following the pressure of wind a moment before turning away once more, clearly deeming it below current concern, even as the doors swung shut. “Drinking on first-time business is usually ill-advised,” she smiles, nonchalant and amused. Yes, this was certainly going to be interesting – well, hopefully it would be, you could never be sure when you were going to run into one of those folk who were all show and bluster and then simply asked you to find them something that was damn well effortless…

She hoped this wasn’t the case – a little effort and challenge was a delight, even as she expanded her efforts through the various countries around her. The woman rested her forearms on the table, crossed and casual, and waited, watching the man as he paused, breathed in, his palm flat on the table – nervous? Yes, probably. Good sign.

The first part, and the second, weren’t so strange, but the third… the third sent her brows arching, and a low, amused chuckle rising into her throat. Interesting that one would mention her son – true, those in the Dorcha knew enough to know of Aedan, but… well. It was an interesting turn of events… “An interesting proposal – and certainly one that intrigues, but…” She pressed her knuckles to her lips, looking bemused. “Much as I love my son, he’s an awful investment with the expansion of my Fine in mind – as I’ve no doubt in my mind that if his beloved ever snaps her fingers and tells him they’re headed to a Nemed, he’d be off like a shot. Everyone who knows anything deep of the boy knows that much.”

She beams. “That isn’t to say I’m not interested in your job, but whether the boy rises in class means nothing, to me, and brings no gain to the line, future, or continuation of my Fine.”

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór - 07-29-2013 04:59 PM

The woman sat down and as predicted showed the infamous Iron Queen (how Niall referred to the woman known as Blair) attitude. Niall for the last century had watched, had listened, and had observed the change up which had slowly occurred among the Tiarnai Dorcha. The act of taking over the iron trade had impressed the Chieftain enough to not have the woman killed. Then again it was stupid to meddle in the affairs of the Orders unless you wanted to die an utterly horrible death. Now what to do, what to do? He listened as the woman began to parley with him. The initial offer was proven inadequate. The fact alone that the mother had tossed her son aside for his lack of usefulness proved a few aspects.

How to move this forward, and see what he could get. The fact was the initial offer was to test the water. Am I fucking kiddin' myself about that one? He did not order a drink as Blair gave her comment and then went over her words about the "son in dumb". A slight bit of amusement came to the man as he wondered how useful Aedan really was to his mother. Perhaps it was that female twin which provided a sense of use to the Smiling Iron gang. The issue at hand was should he just stick what he needed on the line or should he try to gain her interest a bit further.

"Fine no drinks then," he said and looked over the two doors he had closed. Hopefully no one was listening as that would be incredibly bad for business at this point. However, business would only continue if he could provide enough interest for the woman to get in on a deal. THat alone would take some discussion and negotiation. Seems the initial ice breaking is done shall we move forward.

"As I said, I have some items I need to procure, some of which are very rare and will attract the wrong kind of attention. The truth is these items are something only you could really get your hands on, and I would dislike to see them to fall into certain hands," he began again with the offer. The fact was this alone would not entice her, he would need a tangible reward and also some guarantees.

But, what would be that reward. The woman had rejected his initial proposal so he would need to come up with another one. Better to just list off the guarantees and then haggler with her. Haggling was something that Niall did not hate, but he usually wished to avoid them.

"Travel through Pyrdain will be escorted by locals I know. In return I will provide you with some witchwood containers, or I can use my place to elevate your family to the Tiarna class within the Nemain."

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 08-17-2013 07:14 AM

Agreement on the drinks was easy to reach – after all, the self-claimed ‘King of Rooks’ had been the one to close the doors and put the lack on the table, and, while she didn’t mind the pleasant burn of alcohol, though the Angry Woad was hardly her usual establishment of preference, it truly would be ill-advised… especially if the offer to raise one of her kin to the position of Tiarna wasn’t a mere bluff. After all… there were only two in Cels who could offer that – the Flaith of their Clann ( yes, her Clann, always her Clann. Sept when she spoke to others, but Clann in her own mind – no few decades would change that. )

Or the Chieftain of the Raven Clann… which would be an interesting problem in and of itself, wouldn’t it? Unlikely, as well, for the man to extend a hand to her, iron-hating as he was… reason enough for her to keep under the radar, though her contacts made that rather difficult… The fact that her son and daughter had been taken to meet the man alongside his daughter by Aithne was… worrying enough, though no trouble had come of it… Yet.

But that was a concern for another time, now, wasn’t it? The task at hand was to keep an eye on her potential employer, here, to figure out what he wanted from her, and whether it was worth her time… though his next words made her grin broaden all the more – pride and pleasure and no little measure of simple satisfaction at the recognition of her hard-earned reputation… whether it was mere flattery and an attempt to gain her favor through it or not, his reason didn’t matter overmuch… she was used to others attempting to use flattery to gain her favor, or to try and get what they wanted easier.

Sometimes it was amusing enough to play along.

She listens to his words, chin resting on the back of one hand, her eyes gleaming with interest, and nods, slowly, as he issues a vague explanation of what he seeks… and quirks her brow at the mention of a local Prydanii escort…

But his final offer, that was enough to lock a few thoughts into place, now, wasn’t it?

“An interesting proposal.” She sits up properly, cracks her neck. “And when would you need these items procured by?”

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór - 08-18-2013 04:11 PM

The plan was not even remotely out of the gate and he seemed to have gained her interest. Niall took a millisecond to gather himself as he ran the dates and times through is head. When did he need that artifact? That alone was going to be a complication. At that moment Niall quickly receded back into his head, back to the game bored which he organized to keep his mind intact. He looked around at the bored and the moves he had made. The plan began to reformulate and the timeline began to re-establish itself. That was not workable though, he needed more time. Time to get the artifacts and the goods into Cels, and the necessary regents.

All that collecting would of course affect his plans for the timeline of events. Each action and decision from that point on that to be laid out carefully. Correction, every act and decision from the current point one was more important than whatever could happen down the road. Curse his intricacies and conspiracies. Niall could not help without moving the pieces and counters as he began to think of a time.

A few minutes later after being silent he gave the answer, "Late Cogadh, or early Scath. I need them by Scath before the Night of Souls." He said indicating the time when the Sidhe celebrated the return of the dead (Halloween basically). That was when the ritual would take place, when he could commit himself to what was to come! Niall pulled himself out of his mind and took a moment to let his brain re-situate itself back in the real world. There was the sound of merry making outside as the doors shuffled a bit. Someone had bumped against the double doors apparently and that had put Niall on edge. All he knew there was an armed band of warriors on the other side ready to kill them both. Sure he was slightly paranoid, but it had kept him alive all these years to be a little worried about everything.

"Another thing to consider Iron Queen, I have recently worked with the lord of Foxes upon a deal to arm and better outfit the Raven with witchwood weapons. Would you like perhaps a bit on that trade? I would not mind at all in employing your family since I would keep all the work within the Clann rather than hiring outside of it." The secondary offer of work to get her attentionw as suddenly placed before her as he glanced at her waiting pose.

"The artifacts you'll be fetching are located near the valley of fate in a dead fort known simply as the Howling Spire. I'll be sending members of my own family to assist you in retrieving it. Do you wish to know what it is for?"

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 08-19-2013 10:01 AM

It was interesting to watch the look on the man's face as his attention turned inward, calculating, figuring, clearly working to settle different variables in place - a look she'd seen on many faces, though she did her own on the run, talking just as quick as her mind worked to figure and calculate.

She kept her own silence as she watched him, calculating her own questions to follow, necessary ones, though altered to suit - after all, knowing whether or not many of her own were welcome in the hunt was just as important as knowing the time she had at hand... Numbers and locations and timelines... If she was to be a main actor in this hunt she had to be sure of having enough to cover in her absence.... Dorrell would be suited for it, and she trusted him to it...

Her answer to his declaration of time was a quick, swift nod.

RE: Redbird and Black [Niall] - Blair Uí Nemain-Sleá - 09-01-2013 06:24 PM

Her eyes slid sideways as the doors bumped, then back the more immediate source of potential trouble. "That seems enough time, though it will depend on how far there is to go, the number of items required, and how much information there is on where they are... Though I presume you wouldn't be contacting one such as myself without very good idea of precisely what was needed..."

She pops her knuckles, brows rising. Yes, that was enough to firmly place her suspicions into certainties, now, wasn't it? "That would depend on the details, but I will admit an interest... What would the details of such arrangements be, or what would you be looking for from us?"

Her gaze goes bright again, eyes fixed and focused and calculating...and she smiles. "Of course I wish to know© but there's a difference between what one wants and what they should have, isn't there? Just because I'm curious doesn't mean it's my business, in this case - and were it to become my business... Well. Either I would be told what is necessary, or I wouldn't be." She examines her nails, a moment, then looks up again. "And if it were something destined to be to my detriment I doubt any would tell me from your circle before I found a knife in my back. So."

She splays her hands, shrugs. "I presume it has to do with politics but there's little that doesn't, these days, is there?"