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[Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Garnett - 06-26-2013 05:01 AM

Date: Beltaine | 15th- 21th Days of Bláthanna | 1722 ATA (CYOA)
Time of Day: Mid-day Travel Start
Weather: Clear-Cloudy-Possibly Rainy
Location: Roads to the Ironswift HQ

With our couple of Sidhe and Aesir, Mairead and Garik had prepared the things they needed and the passage booked to go meet with Garik's Father, Henrin Lifehammer, for the first time together. The trip up north had been uneventful, a proceeding of stepping upon the Knarr vessel Riptide and sailing their way up north to the lands of the Alfland. At the landing, they purchased a pair of horses for the journey further north from the locals, asking of the weather and what to expect of the day.

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Garik Henrinson - 06-26-2013 05:01 AM

Day 1

The weather was clear still, and riding out from the town they had found there was a few roads up into Jotunland, made for the amicable peace that was found between the two warrior-like Holds. with this however Garik looked at the map and frowned some, considering it as their horses moved along.

"We can take up the northern path up into the mountains, save us several hours of travel, or we can take the main road which would lead us around the forest and peaks. We might lose up to a day, but it is safer." He looked back. "What's your feelings on it?

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Mairead Uí Fand-Mór - 06-26-2013 02:21 PM

The Sidhe woman was feeling slightly weary from the sea voyage, having wanted to show her ability in manipulating the current in their favour, though she had made sure not to wear herself out too much for the continued journey over land. Morgan had travelled near the boat and then seemed distressed to be allowing Mairead to go inland again, this time in a foreign place that she didn't know. It meant placing trust in the fact that Garik would keep her safe enough and the sea serpent was still getting used to the Aesir being around her the majority of the time.

On the back of her horse, Mairead felt fairly comfortable despite some of the odd, wary, or curious looks she'd received since arriving in Aesir land. Here she didn't have to hide her blue-black hair so much, and so she'd left it out to flow lightly in the breeze as she rode. She hummed softly as they left the town, though her attention turned to Garik when he asked for her thoughts on travel.

"My feelings are that you should know better than I, as I've never been here before," Mairead chuckled lightly but then turned her thoughts and Draíocht outwards, calling upon the animal life in the area. "There is possible rain on the way, certainly. Depending on how the wind shifts, it may become a light storm or may take its time and touch down a small shower on hills to the east." She patted her horse on the side of the neck as she considered still, "Our mounts can handle the mountain path, but will require more regular rest which would mean we walk some parts, and to take the long road leaves us more open to the elements... So seeing as both paths appear balanced..." She grinned impishly at Garik, "Which is the most scenic?"

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Garik Henrinson - 06-27-2013 07:59 AM

"I would say the mountains themselves." Garik nodded once after considering it. "The path also tends to have a few sheltered spots as you suggested, and out in the weather brings about a cool wet I'd rather not have cling to my armor and clothes." He looked rueful at that with the experience showing of a bad journey that way more then once.

He looked back at her. "There is a few areas we will stop and check the weather upon, then continue once we are up there, just follow my lead and there should not be any issue. Though best be on your guard also; we are still in Alfland, and much as I wish to not say it, our southern brothers tend of more bridgandry then us." He gave his horse a small shift of his legs to move it into a trot towards the dirt path veering northeasterly.

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Mairead Uí Fand-Mór - 06-27-2013 08:24 AM

"The mountains sounds like the best path to take then," Mairead nodded in agreement, smirking a little and giving a soft chuckle, "I would hate for you to have to endure saturation -- though perhaps you also forget that I can draw that water from your clothing with no effort?" She tilted her head as she grinned at the man, "It pays to know a Master in Water Charm, especially around water or ice." Personally, Mairead wasn't too concerned about whether she wa rained upon, but she had been warned of the chill of the northern land, and was already aware of the cooler temperature.

"I'll be sure to keep my senses alert. The creatures around us will warn me if there is danger on the approach, anyway," The woman smiled again lightly, urging her horse to step into line with Garik's and follow his lead. "I'm also sure that between the two of us, we could perhaps handle most situations that may crop up," Mairead chuckled as she nudged her horse to catch up a little to that she could ride more beside him. "Admittedly, I think I'm most nervous of meeting your father," She grinned lightly with amusement at herself, because it was kind of true, "I'd not want to make a bad impression."

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Garik Henrinson - 06-27-2013 09:33 AM

"While it may be fair enough to have the assistance down south, mind yourself and stay silent at least of that ability in the north. The creatures there I have yet to find more intelligent, and sometimes...more maleficent. I would not put it to silver marks, but I suspect also magics of both yours and mine might have a strange influence on our surroundings in certain places."

He considered her worries, shaking his head. "My father may have some ideas in his mind, but we shall see. Likely it will be a test of your mind a bit, he is an inventor and crafter as well as a hunter of many years."

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Mairead Uí Fand-Mór - 06-27-2013 10:04 PM

The warning from Garik was taken heed of and Mairead nodded as she considered the idea of being virtually blind to anything that might be coming if she didn't at least maintain contact with at least a couple of birds or something. A bird couldn't hurt, could it? Or was it that whatever roamed around these lands would pick up on the magic? That could be concerning. "I'll keep that in mind," She said quietly, though smiled slightly as she was reminded of the strange ways that their separate magicks tended to react, "Well, a good thing then that I bought a new bow." She smirked slightly and gave a small shrug.

"A test of my mind?" The thought caused some curiosity within the woman and she tilted her head as she regarded Garik as he spoke of his father. He sounded so much different to hers, though perhaps it was only in their choices of craft -- where Garik's father excelled in crafting and inventing, her own had been a musician and singer as well as warrior. "Still, you are the heir apparent, are you not? And making such a trip for my benefit, I just..." She paused and frowned a little as she tried to figure out what it was she was trying to say, but sighed and shrugged.

"Perhaps it is just the environment in which I lived among my Clann, but I may be expecting others to question why someone of importance or in a leadership position should, or would, go to efforts to help one who was not one of their own," Had it been Manius' daughter bringing someone of even a different Clann to her father for aid, Manius would want to know what he would get out of it, or otherwise toss them aside or deny them for a reason of his choosing. Mairead knew Garik's father was not like Manius in any way, but it did still have her nervous about what the man would think of her, and maybe also whether he would even approve of her association with his son let alone anything more.

"And perhaps I am just wary of being in a foreign land which I do not know," Mairead offered a small abashed smile, but it was true. If something happened to Garik or they were separated, then she'd be on her own in a land where she didn't know anyone or anything. At least at sea, she knew her way around.

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Garik Henrinson - 06-28-2013 06:12 AM

"I have seen that new bow of yours in action, quite the handy thing." He nodded once with a smile, then chuckled. "Be wary of my father all the same, he is an eccentric man, and I gained much of what i know from him." He shook his head as she spoke of his status. "Until however I am elevated to leader, my support comes of my men and their respect for both my effort and my father. Ruling with an iron fist may work in a few Holds, but overall it is a poor way to be when your lowest man is apt to call in and defeat you with dagger or axe.

"I mean no offense to you, but your clann has spread both deed and rumor of their actions. I would be pressed to find more then two other Clanns who would work in much the same fashion as Manius so openly." Garik grunted. He knew of his father's workings, and how it had been close one or two years as he had gathered those who were orphaned by the Darkness that their supplies had been short, but he respected his father for his works and effort far more then anyone else he could think of because of those years.

"As to that you shall stay close to me," He remarked with a fond expression as he slipped beside her and gave her a one-armed embrace. "You've got more sense of direction then most, and i think you can also certainly keep up with me."

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Garnett - 06-28-2013 06:24 AM

As their journey continued the approach rose up slightly in steepness for a time, indicating that they were now within the foothills. The weather itself broke away for a time, giving into the sun as the clouds gathered into larger white clouds, but nothing significant. The road itself for now was empty, and the well orn path held to it on several turns up ahead small walls of rock to avoid slip offs, or to direct run off.

RE: [Quest] Into Norland we go! (Jotunland, Mairead) - Mairead Uí Fand-Mór - 06-29-2013 06:58 AM

Though Garik's words of encouragement quelled some of Mairead's anxiety, she didn't think it was all going to go away until she did meet his parents and gained her bearings a little in this land. She still offered him a smile when he sidled up to hold her with one of his arms for a moment, taking the opportunity to tug him down a little so she could place a kiss on his cheek before he released her. She had trusted him with her life already to date, it really shouldn't seem too much to ask for her to try to relax at least a little and enjoy the journey and exploration of a new land.

It was some time later that they were in the foothills, their companionable silence occasionally broken for small bouts of conversation, or when one of them pointed something out along the path that might be of interest. Mairead had begun to push her worries to the back of her mind, preferring to enjoy the fact that she was able to spend this time in Garik's company and that ultimately she would be learning more about him in this trip.

The horse she rode began to feel a little restless though, seemingly wanting to go at a slightly faster pace, and the woman chuckled and nudged it into a canter, taking off ahead a little, though not too far from her companion. She glanced at the rock walls with interest as she approached, though paid not much mind, pulling her horse to a slower pace to wait for Garik to catch up.