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Art by FrozenStarRo

The City of Mists is the ancient seat of the High Kingdom and was a concentric city built in the mirror image of the Pale Tree itself. In the city's center rising above the city's skyline was Dun Cel's the great home of the Stone of Kings, and the High Throne itself! Within the central courtyard of the Dun lied the ArchGrove of Danuist Religion and the ancient stones said to have been carved by Danu herself. There in the grove grows the great oak known as Crann Geal, or the Vision Tree.

Spreading around Dun Cels lie the four great districts of the city. The bally docks which was the common quarter and home to the sea trade of city. UtanStead or the walled Foreign District, and a semi-independent state ruled by the Aesir. Then there stood the Bright Market, a home to all the various goods and services a man or woman could think of. Finally, Gentry Lane, home to the local compounds for all of the nobility and gentry seeking to claim power in the city.
24 892 The Moon That Breaks The ...
10-08-2013 04:37 PM
by Smiling Iron
{1} new posts Eire

Eire is the ancient homeland of Sidhe civilization and was where Prince Nuada was first crowned High King. It was here that the battle of Mag Tuireadh was fought against the Fomori. In the west of Eire lies the Great Coill the largest and oldest in all of Cels. Here lives Clann Raven, the feared warrior Septs who are known for their mastery of combat and warrior magics. In the east stands the Fox Glens, the wandering hills, lakes and canals built for trade to the Craft Halls of Clann Fox.
4 41 The Art of War [Niall]
09-17-2013 03:19 PM
by Niall Ó Mórrígan-Mór
{1} new posts Alba

Alba is home to the regions known as the Wolf Harrow in the South and the Dragan Moors in the north. Most of Alba is open moorland filled with rolling hills and crested small mountains. The coasts of the province are craggy high cliffs that clash with the thick churning dark seas of the Ice Sea. The west is deeply wooded along the eastern Mountain ranges. Villages here are walled, and guarded by carefully built stone fortresses.

A land of stark beauty and cold resiliance, and home to Clanns Wolf and Sea Dragan.
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07-28-2013 06:02 AM
by Strykárr Ó Nemain- Mór
{1} new posts Kernow

Kernow is region that stands been the lost fabled lands of Prydain and the Duchy of Vilagifa. Here lives the strongholds of the Seleigh Court. The verdant fields of the Misty Hills along the Highmist mountains of the east are home to the vineyards, the orchards and the fine courts of Clann Elk. To the east along the Ice Sea coast light the Everfields. Within these rolling hills are the vast cattle ranches of the Swann Lords. Ships of fine make are found on these shores as the Vila of the Duchy of the North trade freely here with their Sidhe Cousins.
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08-29-2013 01:40 PM
by Nathair Ó Lugh-Sleá

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