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{1} new posts Jarlstad - City of Old

Art by memod

Founded centuries ago by in the wake of Ragnarok by the tribes of Aesir, Jarlstad is a jewel among the steads and scir of the Holds. It was situated near the ancient lake of thunder itself the city was surrounded by a great ancient wall that was built directly into the mountains. At the feet ShieldFrost mountains it was home to not only the ancient seat of Kings, but also the fabled High Temple of the gods.

At the center of the great city made of timber and rock sits the grand hall known as the Allthing. Here within this massive mead hall are enough seats said to sit every holder and high ranking freeholder in all of the Holds. In the center is the raised platform which sat the Throne of the Allfather. Carved with the ancient images of their immortal godly ancestors it is the chief symbol of the Aesir Kings. Below the pedestal stood thrones for each of the Jarls. The Allthing was found in the district of the city known as the Temple District.

Jarlstad can be split into three general sections; the upper class Jarl's Quarter home to the local holders, high ranking merchants, and brotherhood members; the Temple District which is home to the local freeholders and the vast oaken temples of the gods; finally there is the Underhold a vast network of shacks and thieves dens. Each city district is split by a high palisade wall with the Jarl's Quarter facing the river port and opening up to what is called the Rivergate. On the opposite side is then the Underhold which connects to the mountain pathways via the MountGate.
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07-30-2013 07:02 AM
by Ingolf Solvkin
{1} new posts SilfrFjara - The Trade Post

Art by MarcSimonetti

The Silvershore has existed on the edge of Vanalander for years. Set along the River of Silver for centuries it acts as the final outposts for summer raids and trade going farther inland. For centuries the Jarls of Vanaland have used this post as a means to orchestrate commerce and trade with the races of the east. A multi-racial town, SilfrFjara features a beach and docks for trade ships, and a local fort which houses a fighting force from the Host of Valhalla.
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06-26-2013 05:10 AM
by Garnett

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