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Tags and Timestamp!
Hey guys to help organize everything here is a timestamp you can all use as you conduct your Rp here on altear:

[b]Time of Day:[/b]

To check the date for the current period check out the Setting section on the sidebar to your right. For specific dating for either race check out the Calendar page under world lore.

Basics of Threading Etiquette
[*]The basics of threading for those who are not use to it are kind of simple, here are some basic considerations of etiquette:
[*]Post a Time Stamp in the Opening Post of all the threads. In OPS provide a decent description of the current setting, where thread is located and give enough of a premise for everyone to work off of.
[*]Match the quality of those around you. Post reaction and add something new, it keeps thread cohesion.
[*]Try to keep to the posting order of a thread (this is established by who posted when in their first post in the thread).
[*]Unless you are in a separate part of the thread's setting, acknowledge those around you (even if you are ignoring or not noticing people, acknowledge them near you somehow).
[*]Discuss with the other thread players OOC if you are going to introduce any major changes to the thread.[/list]
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